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June 28, 2022
These chaotic movies will make you forget about your problems for because you’ll be too busy wondering what the hell is happening!
February 8, 2022
From ‘Titane’ to ‘Candyman’, these seven horror films from 2021 should have been nominated for an Oscar. Read the list on Dread Central.
February 7, 2022
Some trailers just don’t represent themselves honestly. Here are 10 horror movie trailers with misrepresented tones.
January 4, 2022
Check out what the users of Reddit have selected as the twenty-five best and most exciting horror releases of 2021.
The Deep House horror
January 3, 2022
Dread XP’s Ted Hentschke weighs in with his favorite films of 2021, including some rad found footage and meta horror.
January 3, 2022
Nicolas Cage shares how Gabriel’s movements in ‘Malignant’ have inspired him to play the most famous vampire of all time in ‘Renfield’.
November 30, 2021
In the latest Double That Feature, Giallo Julian provides some perfect pairings with James Wan’s latest, ‘Malignant.’
November 29, 2021
‘Malignant’ star Annabelle Wallis says James Wan’s latest horror outing was so well-received that a sequel may be on the way.
October 29, 2021
Can’t decide on your Halloween costume? We’ve got you covered with five last-minute and low-key ideas! Which one will you pick?
September 13, 2021
“If we were going to do something so extreme, we had to execute it correctly,” says James Wan of the wild final stretch of ‘Malignant.’
September 13, 2021
Get ready to lose your mind: Waxwork Records and WaterTower Music are releasing Joseph Bishara’s brain-twisting Malignant score on vinyl.
September 9, 2021
Unexpected twists, masterful storytelling, stunning cinematography, and a brilliant cast make James Wan’s Malignant truly exceptional.