5 Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

Judy Greer Halloween Kills 750x422 - 5 Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re like me, you go back and forth on Halloween costumes until the last possible second. As usual, I find myself wondering what I can pull off with things I already own (or should own because I am supposedly an adult) that will take minimal effort. Because of a few popular horror movies, this might be the best year to make a last-minute costume look slightly more intentional (or at least make it seem as if you put in some effort). 

Halloween Kills: The Iron Lady

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Odds are you have jeans and a black t-shirt. If so, grab an iron and be prepared to yell, “Evil dies tonight!” whenever anyone asks you what you are supposed to be. If you do not own an iron, or you do not love the Iron Lady as much as social media does, then Halloween Kills made it easy for you by having Michael Myers kick all of Haddonfield’s ass this go-round. You can literally put on anything as long as you remember to say, “Evil dies tonight!” with conviction. 

Malignant: Gabriel

Malignant Gabriel  - 5 Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Put your clothes on backward and comb your hair forward if you want to be one of the breakout stars of this year. The wildest movie of the year also has one of the easiest costumes to pull off at the last minute. While wearing all black and a backward wig will help you sell this look, neither are mandatory. Seriously, if your friends do not assume the backward clothes are a nod to Gabriel, then why are you in this friend circle? Overachievers can use make-up if they want to stand apart from everyone else, I guess. 

Werewolves Within: Cecily (Or Really Any of The Characters)

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Most of us can put on our winter best and get pretty close to at least one of the characters in this ensemble piece. However, if you want to go all out this Halloween, you can wear a striped tank top with your winter pants. To truly capture Cecily’s essence, you could grab a bottle of kombucha or an ax (I don’t what’s easier for you because I don’t know your life). For added fun, you can have a buddy underscore you with some Ace of Base whenever you have to explain the reference to people who haven’t seen the movie yet.

Superhost: Rebecca

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If you also live your life under a messy bun and are prone to giving people wild eye looks, then this is our year! Move that messy bun higher up on your head, grab a pair of jeans, and tell people to rate your AirBnb highly, or else! If you want to make it super creepy, you can rub make-up or ketchup down the front of a tan sweater and show people why we do not ask  Rebecca about an early checkout…

Found Footage, As A Concept

This one sounds generic because it is, friend. We are living in a world with countless found footage movies, so why should we have to commit to just one? Turn your camera on and remember to shake it often. If you want to elevate the costume, you can hit record and document all of your Halloween shenanigans to watch the next day while pretending to work at your day job.

Drop me a line at @misssharai if any of these ideas work out for you this Halloween season!