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the exorcist horror dc
April 16, 2024
Brandon Wetherbee shares the five best and spookiest places in Washington, DC, that every horror fan needs to visit.
final girl winner
April 16, 2024
Andrew Ward looks back at our Final Girl tournament and breaks down each round, culminating in the announcement of our winner!
Departing Seniors
April 15, 2024
Bee Delores looks at the queer slasher ‘Departing Seniors’ and the importance of its depiction of queer community.
April 15, 2024
Matt Konopka looks at lo-fi horror thriller ‘Monolith’ and what it has to say about the rampant spread of misinformation in the digital age.
April 12, 2024
Sharai Bohannon is here to ruin your plans for a cabin getaway this spring. Check out her 8 examples of cabin fever and stay home!
April 12, 2024
With the announcement of the new ‘Blair Witch’ movies, Justin Wood dives into the three games from the franchise that you never heard of.
Breakdown Kurt Russell
April 11, 2024
We look back on an underrated Kurt Russell thriller from the ‘90s and make a case for why the film needs to be rediscovered.
Family Plot
April 9, 2024
Tyler Doupe’ looks back on ‘Family Plot’ and makes a case for why it’s underrated amongst Hitchcock’s filmography.
The Legend of Hell House
April 9, 2024
On the latest installment of The Overlooked Motel, Tyler Doupe’ looks back on underrated supernatural chiller ‘The Legend of Hell House’.
The Omen
April 5, 2024
While John Moore’s remake of “The Omen” was maligned upon release, it holds up considerably better several years out.