The Best Horror Movies Streaming Now on Hulu

Last Updated: May 1, 2024

Hulu has its heart set on helping subscribers catch up on newer films. They’re adding plenty of 2023 movies like Sympathy for the Devil, Eileen, and The FloodHowever, what’s even cooler is the app is giving us a running start on 2024 titles like Wanted Man and SentinelAs usual, the streamer is also adding some shows that are new to American audiences. With all these moving parts, it felt like playing in a sandbox to pick 5 things to prioritize this month. Nevertheless, I persisted though because I’m not a quitter.

Check out what titles caught my eye this month below.

12 Hour Shift 

Things turn deadly when a nurse and her cousin try to find a new kidney for an organ trafficker. Brea Grant’s horrific dark comedy is a grim delight. Because this film had the misfortune of premiering in 2020, many of us missed it. However, after watching Torn Hearts, we sought it out because we wanted more time with Grant’s work. 12 Hour Shift stars Angela Bettis as an overworked nurse with a drug habit. David Arquette is also in the building, so you know this is going to be a chaotic ride. 


A morgue technician reanimates the body of a little girl and then joins forces with the child’s mother to keep her alive at any cost. This is one of the very few Frankenstien-inspired films that works for me. I was happy to see more people find it on Shudder, and I’m hoping even more people discover it on Hulu. Marin Ireland and Judy Reyes are both badasses, so the acting is stellar on top of it being a disturbing tale. I cannot recommend this title enough. 

He Went That Way | 2023

An animal trainer picks up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a serial killer. I’ve been trying to see this movie since I heard about it last year. Shout out to Hulu for picking up new titles I still need to see. That’s what I look for in an app, personally. This movie stars the hot and talented duo of Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quinto and is based on a true story. If you haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of serial killer Larry Lee Ranes and his brother, you’re wiser than me. I would like to go back to before I Googled that personally. 

T.I.M. | 2023

An engineer moves to the countryside to build an AI manservant. I’m conflicted because it feels like the natural progression for the Build-A-Bear generation. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to build a manservant instead of talking to actual human men? However, sci-fi and the film industry have shown us Artificial Intelligence is almost just as big of a pain in the ass. I’m going to watch this and hope it leans into all of the terror of this situation. I’m also ready to hit play because it stars Georgina Campbell, who many of us have been obsessed with since Barbarian.

The Killing Kind: Complete Season 1

After defending a man against stalking charges, a barrister finds herself the target of his wrath. Clearly, this lawyer doesn’t have a group chat because her friends would’ve told her this would happen. I’m in my UK thriller era, so this feels like it was custom-made for me. I’m carving out a weekend to turn my phone off, sip tea, and binge all 6 episodes because that’s how I party at this stage of my life. If you’re also about the UK crime dramas, and like to read,  it’s based on Jane Casey’s book The Killing Kind. You can stay in the world the whole weekend if you play your cards right.

Everything coming to Hulu In May

12 Hour Shift | 2020
300 | 2007
Bad Boys for Life | 2020
Biosphere | 2022
Birth/Rebirth | 2023
Bloodshot | 2020
Eileen | 2023
Fantasy Island | 2020
He Went That Way | 2023
In Limbo: Complete Season 1 
Money Monster | 2016
Past Lies: Complete Season 1 (SUBBED)
Reminiscence | 2021
Sentinel | 2024
Shardlake: Complete Season 1
Sympathy for the Devil | 2023
T.I.M. | 2023
The Beach | 2000
The Chronicles of Riddick | 2004
The Divergent Series: Allegiant | 2016
The Divergent Series: Insurgent | 2015
The Flood | 2023
The Killing Kind: Complete Season 1
The King’s Man | 2021
The Negotiator | 1998
The Promised Land | 2023
The Seeding | 2023
Those Who Wish Me Dead | 2021
Wanted Man | 2024
Where the Crawdads Sing | 2022
White House Down | 2013
Witness to Murder: Digital Evidence: Complete Season 1

I’m also way overdue to watch The King’s Man, and it’s time to find out if I’m the kind of nerd The Divergent Series is targeting. So, expect to see me in the Hulu neighborhood a lot this month. I’ll be the woman with the large mug of tea and the pjs that look a little lived in. Let me know what titles you are most eager to stream this May at @misssharai.



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