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DEVELOPMENT HELL is the podcast dedicated to unearthing canceled horror productions, to find out what went wrong, and decide if they still stand a shot at the green light.

For every horror title to hit V.O.D … there are countless others that end up D.O.A. DEVELOPMENT HELL is the podcast dedicated to unearthing these cursed horror productions, to find out what went wrong, and decide if they still stand a shot at the green light.

Join Dread Central’s managing editor Josh Korngut as he digs up the dirt on the best horror movies never made. Discover dead projects like Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash, Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, Guillermo del Toro’s At the Mountains of Maddness, Peter Jackson’s A Nightmare On Elm Street: The Dream Lover, Halloween 3D, Trick R’ Treat Part 2 and many more.  Josh also picks the brains of some of the most exciting voices in indie horror, like Ryan Spindell (The Mortuary Collection), Peaches Christ (All About Evil), Josh Ruben (Werewolves Within), William Brent Bell (Orphan: First Kill) among others. 

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Development Hell is hosted by Dread Central managing editor Josh Korngut. He’s also a filmmaker, having written and directed award-winning films with his Dread coworker and creative partner, Emily Gagne. Their work has been included in countless festivals, including Morbido, Chattanooga, Panic Fest, Toronto After Dark, Breakthroughs, and Salem Horror.

His passions include horror, ghost towns, women who kill, drag, Tori Amos, urban legends, the ghost of his grandma, and his dog Henry. His favorite films include Dead Silence, Birth, Sleepy Hollow, Dead End, and Livide.

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“The premise of this fascinating show from the Dread Podcast Network is simple yet ingenious. Rather than discuss a familiar horror film that you’ve seen a dozen times or more, Toronto-based host Josh Korngut spends each episode of “Development Hell” highlighting a scary movie that was never actually made. […] It’s an intriguing peek at an alternate history of the horror genre, filled with tantalizing details about how close each film came to being made, what went wrong at the last minute and whether they might still see cameras roll one day.”

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