Kim & Ket Stay Alive… Maybe Celebrate 200 Episodes with Star-Studded Sammie Awards

Kim & Ket Stay Alive... Maybe

Dread Podcast Network final girls Kim & Ket Stay Alive… Maybe dropped the 200th episode of their horror movie/comedy podcast on Wednesday, June 15th.  

To celebrate the occasion, they hosted a special awards show bash which featured celebrity guest presenters Devon Sawa (Final Destination, The Fanatic, Chucky), Kyle Gallner  (Jennifer’s Body, Red State, Scream 2022), director Chelsea Stardust (All That We  Destroy, Satanic Panic) and screenwriter Guy Busick (co-writer of Ready or Not, Scream  2022), among others. 

The ”Sammie” Awards are named for the show’s listeners, known as “Sammies” after the show’s acronym, KKSAM. Members of Kim & Ket’s Facebook Fan Group “Sammies Stay Alive… Maybe” nominated their favorite show moments in a variety of categories. Then subscribers to the show’s Patreon picked the winners, which were announced on the 200th Episode. 

When the weekly podcast isn’t giving out awards, Kim & Ket play a game to survive the plot of a horror movie one of them hasn’t seen, interspersed with lots of improv, running gags,  ridiculous tangents, and personal anecdotes about the ladies’ 20 years of being besties. 

Here’s a rundown of the evening: 

The first award of the night was presented by the hosts of the Dread Podcast Network’s own  FriGay the 13th, Matty and Andrew. The category was “Best Made-Up Character Name,” and the award went to “Li’l Baby Burpsmap,” which is how Kim & Ket refer to Sam from the movie  Trick R’ Treat—a name created when Kim got tongue-tied while trying to say “burlap sack mask” all the way back in Episode 12

Kim’s unique way with words spawned its own category, “Best Word Salad,” which was presented by Tim & Brian from the Civil Gore Podcast. In a field full of worthy nominees, the award went to “Barbler,” which was Kim’s attempt to say the name “Barbara” from the movie  Night of the Living Dead, which the show covered in Episode 64

Dread Central’s own managing editor Josh Korngut—who also hosts the Dread Podcast Network show Development Hell—handed out the award for “Best Voice Acting,” a category which was filled with examples of Ket’s vocal talents, like her spot-on impression of “Red” from Us (Episode 39). But in a surprise twist, the award was shared by Kim & Ket for their impersonation of the Horny French – but also Italian? – Animatronic Alligator from Willy’s Wonderland (Episode 197)

Kim & Ket welcomed the ghost hosts of the Dread Podcast Network trivia show Kim & Ket’s  Survive the Cellar to present the award in a fan-suggested category, “Creepiest Burpsmap.” The nominees included “Fitted Burpsmap,” (a reference to the character Pluto from Us, who wore a burlap mask) and “Jason Burpsmap” from Friday the 13th Part 2. But, in his second win of the evening, the OG Li’l Baby Burpsmap took home the Sammie. 

Kat and Jazz from the Dread Podcast Network’s Girl, That’s Scary presented the award for “Best Jump Scare.” In what many described as the upset of the evening, Sammies voted for a real-life jump scare when Ket was startled by her husband (also the show’s Producer Arik) coming in the door in Episode 195 (Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning). Some were sure that Ket’s post-COVID-induced long, slow-motion scream from Episode 193 (Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum) was a lock to win the category. 

When Kim & Ket episodes are released, they feature a title that gives some hint or tease of the absurdity to come. The ladies welcomed Mikey from The Horror Virgin podcast to present the  award for “Best Episode Title.” The honor went to Episode 73, The Thing: “The Tale of Holdin’  Dicks to Save Humanity” —beating out contenders like Episode 178, Lake Placid: “The Tale of  How Bill Pullman Should Have Won America’s Next Top Model.” 

Kim & Ket were joined by director Chelsea Stardust to present the nominees for “Most Random Tangent,” a category that included the revelation that Kim has never seen The Sound of Music (Episode 59) and Ket’s conspiracy theory surrounding “Big Milk” (Episode 37). But the Sammie ultimately went to a hilarious extended discussion about how many chains were present in the basement in the movie Caveat (Episode 155). 

Horror screenwriter Guy Busick was joined by “Larry Tooneytown”—the uncle of fan-favorite  KKSAM demon Jerry Tooneytown—to present the award for “Best Running Gag or Catch  Phrase.” Nominees included the afore-mentioned demon Jerry Tooneytown (Episode 82), and the girls’ salutation when they cheers a drink each episode, “‘Gina Holes Out, Tits Up” (Episode 42). The Sammie Award ultimately went to “Boner to the face!” which first appeared in Episode 40—a phrase describing a character becoming aroused so suddenly that they are violently poked in the eye with their own erection. 

Kim’s crush a.k.a. actor Kyle Gallner appeared to present Kim with a Lifetime Achievement  Award for her freakishly realistic chainsaw sound—an award Kim did not know she was getting, as indicated by her surprised and emotional acceptance speech. 

And to cap things off, Ket’s pre-teen (and current) crush Devon Sawa appeared to present the final award of the night, “Favorite Episode,” as voted by Sammies. The winner, Episode 88, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil: “The Tale of People Named Chad, And What To Do About It” won in a  landslide, and has long been a favorite episode among listeners. And even though she agreed with the outcome, Ket seemed to be tickled at the idea that Devon, in reading the full, silly titles  of the nominated episodes, had to say the phrase: “Episode 26, Hellraiser: The Sexy Tale of  Goop Body and British Shoulder Pads.”  

Kim & Ket both became overcome with the outpouring of affection and camaraderie, thanking their community of listeners, their friends in both the worlds of podcasting and horror movies, and their network Dread, for all of the support.

All in all, it was a hilarious night filled with memories and surprises. Congrats Kim & Ket, and here’s to 200 more! Make sure to join their Facebook group and subscribe to their Patreon.



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