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Josh is a writer, filmmaker, and Dread Central’s managing editor. He also hosts ‘Development Hell’ on the DREAD Podcast Network where he unearths unmade horror films. Shoot him an e-mail at [email protected].

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jester 428x236 - 'The Jester' Interview: Director Colin Krawchuk Reveals A New Horror Icon [Exclusive]
September 29, 2023

We sit down with the director of Dread's new film 'The Jester' to better understand why this frightening villain has

sleep 428x235 - 'Sleep' TIFF 2023 Review: A Tightly Crafted Waking Nightmare
September 28, 2023

Sleep is a genuinely frightening crowd pleaser from a filmmaker who shows a ton of promise.

when evil lurks 428x241 - ‘When Evil Lurks' TIFF 2023 Review: Genuinely Shocking Old School Mayhem
September 27, 2023

'When Evil Lurks' is a disturbing waltz of brutality and madness and a welcome scream-at-the-screen addition to the extreme horror

it lives inside feature 428x237 - 'It Lives Inside' Interview: Director of New Film Unpacks What Makes It So Scary [Video]
September 26, 2023

We sit down with 'It Lives Inside' writer-director Bishal Dutta to discuss one of the most interesting horror releases of

king in spoooce 428x252 - 'Falling into the sky': Stephen King's Scariest Short Story And I
September 21, 2023

Dread Central's managing editor floats into the world of Stephen King's scariest short story and shares how it mirrors his

the nun 2
September 8, 2023

The James Wan-captained Conjuring Universe is the horror equivalent of the MCU. Both the MCU and TCU are over-bloated machines

13 ghosts 2 428x283 - 'Thirteen Ghosts: The Series' Creators Share Inventive New Details [Interview]
August 29, 2023

The creators behind the purposed 'Thirteen Ghosts' television series join Dread Central's 'Development Hell' podcast to share exciting new information.

i doesnt exixst 428x241 - DreadXP Unveils Surreal '[I] doesn't exist' Game Trailer; Release Date Announced
August 16, 2023

'[I] doesn't exist,' DreadXP's latest adventure is yours to play next month. Watch the cerebral, lo-fi first trailer for the

where the devil roams 428x283 - 'Where the Devil Roams' Skillfully Sews Pathos Into the Carnage [Fantasia 2023 Review]
August 15, 2023

'Where the Devil Roams' is ghostly couture; a hand-made, blood-bloodstained jacket of carnage that's sewn together skilfully and with love.

Island Escape
August 3, 2023

Terror runs rampant in this clip from 'Island Escape,' Dread's latest high-octane release that hits VOD on August 4th!

SH 428x241 - Dread's 'Satanic Hispanics' Trailer Drops Ahead of September 14th Theatrical Release [Watch]
August 2, 2023

Check out the brand new trailer for Dread's 'Satanic Hispanics,' the unmissable horror anthology hits theaters next month!

Bystanders 2 428x285 - ‘Bystanders’: Ultra-violent New Revenge Slasher From DREAD Reveals First Look Images
August 1, 2023

'Bystanders' is a twisted rape-revenge thriller from Dread Central's Editor-in-Chief Mary Beth McAndrews and writer/co-director Jamie Alvey.