The Best Horror Movies Now Streaming On Redbox

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

The Redbox genre pickings are few but chaotic this month. The thirteen titles hitting the free streamer this May are almost exclusively movies guaranteed to leave us asking, “What the hell did I just watch?” I love that kind of energy and I love that the app continues to veer away from the beaten horror path. We love our mainstream movies, but isn’t it more exciting to drop in on media we haven’t heard of? Or we haven’t been able to find when we were in the mood to finally check it out? Isn’t it even better because it costs zero dollars, and can be viewed from the comfort of our homes? How many places can you watch stuff like Bundy and the Green River Killer and Cleavers Killer Clowns? This app gives big-time Saturday morning viewing energy, and I love to see it.

Because Redbox is one of the few streamers that effortlessly assembles lists of movies that even I haven’t seen, this is another month of goodies for me. I don’t know what to expect when I finally hit play on most of these titles. However, I’m excited to see some new, original, and truly unique stuff. My little horror nerd heart is happy, and I’m excited to share the five movies I have my eye on this May.

Dark Encounter

A family holds a memorial to mark the first anniversary of a child’s disappearance. Soon, strange events begin to take place in the woods. People have been telling me how good this movie is for years, and I’m so ready to finally clear some time and check it out for myself. Because the movie premiered in the UK in 2019, we were all a little distracted when it arrived in the States. So, this is another title I’m happy to see getting some love on Redbox this month.

Dead Before Dawn

College kids inadvertently create a curse that forces people to kill themselves and reanimate as demonic zombies. This sounds like B-movie goodness, and I was already signing on just for the vibes. However, then I noticed that Thee Christopher Lloyd is in the cast, and now it’s my top priority on Redbox this month. I’m getting my movie snacks together as you read this. I grew up watching Llyod on my TV, and I love that he’s always somewhere in my favorite genre. I might even make a chaotic double feature and watch it with Spirit Halloween: The Movie because that was the most recent project I caught him in. 


Univeristy botanists discover an ancient organism in an uncharted forest in 1929. Does it sound like a weird prequel to The Ruins? Yes. Am I going to check it out anyway? Also, yes. Spring is in the air, and I’m ready to watch Mother Nature remind humans to stay in our lane. I’m personally rooting for her to take everyone out for daring to enter her space. I hope this is half as fun as I’ve built it up to be in my mind. If not, I still have another title for the next time I talk about how scary nature is.

Evil Takes Root

A paranormal investigator digs into the mysterious death of a former lover in a small Midwest town. His investigation uncovers that a Batibat, an ancient evil, followed her home from the Philippines. This movie had my attention when I saw Nicholas Gonzalez’s name attached. He’s a good actor and incredibly handsome, so I would like to see him in more horror. Because it had the misfortune of coming out in 2020, it flew under many of our radars. I plan to fix that while it’s streaming on Redbox this month though. 

No Visitors

A respected brain surgeon’s family seems picture-perfect from the outside. However, a solicitor is about to discover there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this household. I’m not going to lie, I ran at this because I saw Eric Roberts and Felissa Rose were going to be there. They seemed like a good start to something chaotic, and I was not let down. This movie is sometimes called No Solicitors if it sounds vaguely familiar to people who may have caught it earlier in life. 

Everything coming to Redbox in May

Big Legend
Black Magic
Bundy and the Green River Killer
Cleavers Killer Clowns
Dark Corners
Dark Encounter
Dead Before Dawn
Death Ranch
Don’t Kill It
Evil Takes Root
No Visitors
We Need to Talk About Kevin

If you are unfamiliar with Redbox, it’s an app you can download on all your smart devices or just watch on the website. The selections listed here are free, and just a sampling of the huge library of chaotic offerings they gift horror fans every month.

Let me know what horror movies hitting the Redbox this month have your attention at @misssharai



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