It Came from the Video Aisle! Inside Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment Studio (Book)

Written by Dave Jay, William S. Wilson, and Torsten Dewi The story of Charles Band and his Full Moon Entertainment studio is a lot like “The Little Engine That Could”, assuming the engine frequently derailed and due to crippling budgetary… Continue Reading

Inhumanwich! Review: All Empty Calories But It Feeds Your Need at the Moment

Starring Matt Laumann, Michael Peake, Jack Burrows, Kayla Clark, Jake Robinson Written and directed by David Cornelius If H.P. Lovecraft ever created a creature for the Upside Down version of McDonald’s, I suspect it would look a lot like the… Continue Reading

Scream Factory Spawning a Blu-Ray of James Cameron’s Flying Piranha Epic Piranha II: The Spawning Next Year

Piranha 2 the spawning

There are certain words and phrases you don’t expect to find yourself ever writing. For example, “Scream Factory will release a collector’s edition Blu-ray of Piranha II: The Spawning.” Yet, here I am writing just that. Scream Factory will release a… Continue Reading

October 27th Will Be Thriller Night When CBS Premieres Michael Jackson’s Halloween

Alas, “Michael Jackson’s Halloween” is a new CBS holiday animated musical special and not a new slasher flick about a maniac in a “Thriller” jacket and pale Michael Jackson mask murdering teenagers with his razor-bladed sequin glove while determined chimpanzee… Continue Reading

Lifetime Network Getting Monstrous This Weekend with a Trio of YA Novel-Inspired Slashers, Vampires, and Horny Mermen

When you think of movies about teens being systematically murdered, vampires stalking the hallowed halls of high school for prey, and young women falling in love with mythological gillmen, you probably don’t think “Lifetime Network!” But this weekend that’s exactly… Continue Reading