Tom Sizemore Goes to War with The Asylum’s NAZI OVERLORD

nazizombiewolfensteinbanner1200x627 750x422 - Tom Sizemore Goes to War with The Asylum’s NAZI OVERLORD

nazioverlordposter 220x300 - Tom Sizemore Goes to War with The Asylum’s NAZI OVERLORDTom Sizemore is no stranger to World War 2 flicks having previously given his life Saving Private Ryan. The grizzled actor is reenlisting to battle a very different Nazi Overlord. But can he survive an Asylum mockbuster?

Billy Ray’s World War 2 horror flick Overlord hits theaters November 9th. The following Tuesday The Asylum will counterprogram with their very own Nazi Overlord.

A D-Day rescue mission turns deadly when a band of soldiers discovers a group of Nazis creating horrific experiments that will all but ensure Allied defeat if the creations escape.

Whatever genocidal monstrosity The Asylum has in mind for their newest mockbuster is going to have a hard time topping the insanity of their 2012 sci-fi horror flick Nazis at the Center of the Earth that boasted Hitler’s head transplanted atop a robot body piloting a heavily-armed flying saucer bent on world domination. If you’ve never seen that one, it’s worth seeking out for the sheer lunacy of it.

Joining Tom Sizemore will be Dominique Swain, who, and I’m sure this is just an amazing coincidence, also co-starred in Nazis at the Center of the Earth.

Rob Pallatina (Alien Convergence) directs from a script by Scotty Mullen, who also penned this month’s final Sharknado.

The war begins on VOD/DVD November 13.

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