Filmmaker / Author Mick Garris, best known for his Stephen King adaptations and creating the “Masters Of Horror” television series, dives deep into the devious minds of the greatest filmmakers and creators of your worst nightmares to bring their distinctive visions to life in fascinating one-on-one conversations. POST MORTEM WITH MICK GARRIS releases a new interview every other week!

DEVELOPMENT HELL is the podcast dedicated to unearthing cancelled horror productions, to find out what went wrong, and decide if they still stand a shot at the green light. Hosted by Dread Central managing editor Josh Korngut.

It’s your friendly neighborhood homegirls who discuss everything horror & sci-fi! Join GIRL THAT’S SCARY every Thursday for a new spooky discussion and more!

Do you ever wonder what film terrified your favorite horror filmmaker when they were a kid? On Scarred For Life, hosts Terry and Mary Beth chat with horror filmmakers, game devs, actors, writers, and more about that one film that terrified them growing up and made them horror fans for life. Full episodes release on Mondays, and Little Cuts minisodes on Fridays.

Each week on Kim and Ket Stay Alive, Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter take turns spoiling the fuck out of a horror movie one of them hasn’t seen. Through very scientific (not scientific), totally indisputable (very disputable) methods — and amidst ridiculous tangents about their personal lives, childhood fears, and wild college days — they play a game to determine whether they would #StayAlive at the end.

Kim & Ket (of the popular horror movie comedy podcast Kim & Ket Stay Alive… Maybe) host this fun horror trivia game to help victims – sorry, contestants – escape from a serial killer’s cellar.

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