CRYPTIDS is the New Board Game of Cryptozoology Combat

I generally try to make it a rule not to report on stuff on Kickstarter or Indiegogo but when the subject is a cryptozoology card combat dice game that allows the likes of Bigfoot, Goatman, Giant Sewer Gator, The Flatwoods Monster, Jersey Devil, The Loch Ness Monster, Black Eyed Children, Megalodon, The Rake, Jackalopes, and The Enfield Horror to battle it out I have to tell the world.

If you’re a lifelong cryptozoology buff like myself then Torchlight Games’ Cryptids: The Game of Hidden Creatures looks like a dream come true. Designer Justin Murphy’s gorgeous artwork alone makes these unexplained monsters of myth, conspiracy, fossil records, and nightmares beasts of absolute beauty.

Cryptids is touted as a “War” style combat board game dropping 2-4 players into a world of hidden monsters, fantastic creatures, and exciting gameplay. Players choose from over 120 cryptids, divided into categories of Terrestrial, Extra-Terrestrial, Aquatic, and Supernatural, ranging from the household names (Abominable Snowman, Giant Squid, Chupacabra, Mothman) to the more obscure fiends of folklore (Mapinguari, The NASA Gargoyle, Black Shuck, The Ozark Howler). Players draw cards and roll dice to see whose hidden creature reigns supreme in hopes of capturing the most “trophies” to be shown to the world in their display case.

The boxed set includes 120 Creature Cards, 8 Investigation Cards, a 20″x20″ Battle Board, a 10-sided Die, 4 Trophy Room Displays, and a Rulebook. Playtime runs about an hour and the game is suitable for ages 10 & up.

Torchlight Games are looking to secure financing for Cryptids via Indiegogo, with the campaign running for about a month. You can rush over there right now, or at Torchlight Games Facebook page, to learn more about the project, watch videos on how the game is played, get a look at even more of Murphy’s breathtaking artwork, and, of course, pledge your dollars to make this game a reality.

If it doesn’t become a reality that means I may never get a copy and I’ll hold you personally responsible. Yes, you!



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