Help 1960’s Kaiju Actress Peggy Neal Save Japan from THE GREAT BUDDHA ARRIVAL

If you’re a fan of classic kaiju movies then you already know the name of actress Peggy Neal. If not, well, this article probably won’t interest you much.

Actress Peggy Neal did not have a very long run as an actress. Mostly known for playing the attractive blonde female lead opposite Sonny Chiba battling mutant fishmen assassins in the 1966 sci-fi flick Terror Beneath the Sea and as the token American cosmonaut battling to save the Earth from the monster Guilala in one of my personal favorite giant monster flicks, 1967’s The X From Outer Space. Aaaaaaaand… Honestly, that was about it for her career. IMDB only lists one other credit to her name. But now you can help change all that.

A few weeks back we told you about a new kaiju flick in the works in which a giant Buddha statue comes to life and begins wreaking divine havoc across Japan. The makers of The Great Buddha Arrival are seeking your help in bringing Peggy Neal out of her 50+ year retirement from acting and back to the land of the rising sun to contend with yet another monstrous calamity.

I’ll let the film’s publicist and consulting producer Avery Guerra explain:
For years now I, like many others, have been searching extensively/obsessively for one of the most beloved classic actresses of the subgenre that after her short stint in Japanese fantasy films of the late 60’s like “X- From Outer Space” and “Terror Beneath The Sea” just disappeared off the face of the planet. She became one of Japanese cinema’s biggest mysteries. Yes, I’m talking about blonde bombshell actress Peggy Neal! While helping to cast up our film I stopped and thought of how great it would be if I could finally find her and get her to be in this film so I figured I’d give another search a go… Well, after many years of dead ends and false leads I finally found her!! Though I couldn’t quite get in touch with her as she’s a very private person and so I reached out to someone very close to her to make the introduction and pitch to her.

Through a dear friend of hers, we were able to track down Peggy. Although she has shied away from the limelight for decades, Peggy was intrigued by the story and the project. As Peggy is a Buddhist and has deep affection for Japan, we were able to persuade her to revisit her former life as a Kaiju star. “There just seems to be some karmic symmetry to this project, this time, this place, that is so compelling,” said Peggy.

Miss Neal said yes.

One little problem: The Great Buddha Arrival may be fully funded but those funds don’t currently include the extra cash for airfare, hotel, meals, and fees. That’s where the partially crowdfunded film is once again turning to you, the crowd, for a little extra help with a Kickstarter designed solely to cover the addition of Peggy Neal to the cast.

Okay, people. It’s up to you now. Don’t let this karmic synergy go to waste.



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