ALIEN PREDATOR is The Mockbuster The Asylum Made for THE PREDATOR

I must confess that I’m a little disappointed the upcoming Asylum mockbuster Alien Predator isn’t titled The Alien Predator; or, if they really wanted to be snarky about it, An Alien Predator. That would be taking things to the next level.

A black ops reconnaissance team is sent to investigate the crash of an unidentified aircraft. When they arrive, they find strange markings and residue visible only in infrared. As the team gets deeper in and tries to figure out the source of the markings, they discover that they are being hunted by an alien expedition to Earth.

That plot sure does sound an awful lot like the basic starting point for the plot of The Predator.

According to director Jared Cohn (Atlantic Rim: ResurrectionThe Horde), they were shooting for more of a Predator 2 vibe and worked to put their own distinct stamp on the familiar premise. Cohn also promises a “really cool looking” creature that laser blasts, blows up, and kills people in a variety of different bad ass ways.

Cohn directs from a script by Bill Hanstock (3-Headed Shark Attack), while actors Xavi Israel, Alex West, Philip Nathaniel, Amanda Rivas, Sebastien Charmant, and Kris Black are amongst the potential prey for the extraterrestrial stalker.

Alien Predator begins hunting for confused viewers on DVD/VOD on September 11th; just a few days prior to the September 14th big screen release of The Predator. A trailer is supposed to be coming soon. Better be real soon given we’re only about three weeks from the release date.



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