Horrible Imaginings Podcast #177: 2017 Horrible Imaginings Reflection and Wrap Up

Hello, listeners! Holy crap I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. This has truly been a summer of way too much going on, with countless conventions and festivals, planning, meetings, and more to keep me away from the podcast… Continue Reading

MegaDeth’s Dave Mustain and Richard Grieco Caught in a Halloween Pussy Trap KILL KILL!

Halloween Pussy Trap Kill KIll

And the award for the strangest headline of the day goes to… the new film from Jared Cohn colorfully titled Halloween Pussy Trap KILL KILL! What does that mean? Who cares! we love it! Sara Malakul Lane, Richard Grieco, Demetrius… Continue Reading

Eileen Dietz Joins the Cast of Itsy Bitsy!

Filmmaker Micah Gallo is looking to make them even scarier with his new film Itsy Bitsy and to further show that he means business comes the announcement that The Exorcist‘s most infamous face of evil, Eileen Dietz, has officially joined… Continue Reading