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News6 hours ago

New Novel Alien: The Cold Forge Gets Cover Art, Synopsis, and Release Date

I don’t know about you but I’m a massive fan of the Alien film series. Oh, the hell with it....

News20 hours ago

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Are Truth Seekers Playing by Slaughterhouse Rulez

One of our favorite pairings of stars from the last twenty years is no doubt that of Simon Pegg and...

News21 hours ago

Rest in Peace – Yôsuke Natsuki

We’ve lost another Kaiju legend today as reports are coming in that famed Japanese actor Yôsuke Natsuki has passed on...

News21 hours ago

NSFW Kill Clip from Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories Now Available on VOD

VOB now available on VOD! For those who might not know, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories is a sequel to the...

News22 hours ago

Vampire Movie Living Among Us Playing In US Theaters This February

The vampire movie Living Among Us will be playing in screens across the US on February 2, and you can...

News23 hours ago

Honest Trailers Takes on Stephen King’s IT

Who out there loves Screen Junkies Honest Trailers? Well, then today is your lucky day as the YouTube channel has...

News1 day ago

Director Doug Liman Says Edge of Tomorrow 2 Could Be His Next Film

I don’t know if you ever bothered to see the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt sci-fi action flick Edge of Tomorrow, but...

News1 day ago

The Evil Dead Trilogy Cuts a 72-Minute Super Cut in Black and White

While we wait on pins and needles for the third season of STARZ’s “Ash vs Evil Dead” to hit airwaves...

The Cat o' Nine Tails Dario Argento The Cat o' Nine Tails Dario Argento
News1 day ago

There’s Drama in the Dark Room in this Restored Cat o’ Nine Tails Clip

Dario Argento’s 1971 classic The Cat o’ Nine Tails is set to whip its way onto a limited edition UK...

News1 day ago

Witness the Rage of the Mummy as it Shoots Wrapping from its Fingertips

Trying to think if I’ve ever seen a mummy movie in which the mummy shoots wrapping from his fingers ala...

News1 day ago

Massive Collection of Original Stephen King Manuscripts Tragically Lost in Flood

The last couple of years have seen a massive resurgence in movies and TV adapting the works of noted author...

News1 day ago

Exclusive: Pop an Eye Out For This Clip From The Midnight Man

Just days ahead of its release, we’ve teamed up with IFC Midnight to bring you an exclusive clip from their...

News1 day ago

Check Out the Amazing Poster for Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy Starring Nicolas Cage

Truth be told I have not heard one thing about the upcoming Nic Cage period action-thriller Mandy until today. That’s...

News2 days ago

Zac Efron Looks Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile as Ted Bundy

We told you a while back that Zac Efron would be assuming the role of charismatic serial killer Ted Bundy...

News2 days ago

Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 – Get Your First Look at the Bride of the Chin!

Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is nothing short of a friggin’ gift for fans; and if you aren’t watching it,...

News2 days ago

Make a Date With The Devil and Father Amorth

Well, that headline’s not entirely accurate… you wouldn’t want to be a third wheel now, would you? What we’re talking...

News2 days ago

Jigsaw Teased for Dead by Daylight

Do you want to play a game? If so, look no further than the hit game Dead by Daylight, which...

News2 days ago

Universal’s Bride of Frankenstein Reboot Back on Track With Gal Gadot?

Back in October, we let you guys know that Universal had plugged the plug on what was to be the...

Last Meeple Standing2 days ago

We Are Dead: Zombie Massacre – Last Meeple Standing Game Overview and Review

It is a fine Saturday afternoon. You and your friends are hanging out at the Mall (like you do), and...

News2 days ago

Titan’s Gothic Horror Series Alisik Gets Animated with a New Trailer

Back in October we told you about Alisik, a Gothic tale from Titan Comics’ Statix Press imprint that explores the afterlife;...

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