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News7 hours ago

DVD and Blu-ray Releases: February 20, 2018

Welcome back everyone.  Another week, another ten releases, and not without any discrepancies either.  Let’s get them out of the...

News7 hours ago

Toy Fair 2018: Rick Baker’s Joker Bust is the Scariest Incarnation of the Character Yet

After having won an incredible seven Oscars for his stunning onscreen makeup work, Rick Baker is now focusing his skills...

News8 hours ago

Exclusive: Terror Universal Dare You to Look Through the Mirrors

Alright horror metalheads, it’s time to raise those devil horns and get ready for some Terror Universal! On hand we’ve...

News9 hours ago

The Sinking City Update Dives Into the Cthulhu Mythos That Drives the Game

If you’ve been following our coverage of Frogwares’ The Sinking City, you’ll know that it’s probably my most anticipated game...

News9 hours ago

Meet Ash’s Moody Teenage Daughter in New Ash vs Evil Dead S3 Trailer

“Mom, what’s a chainsaw geek doing here?” Marketing for the return of Starz’s “Ash vs Evil Dead” has really been...

News11 hours ago

Exclusive: This Poster Premiere Challenges Your Concept of Perfect

The Eddie Alcazar-directed sci-fi/thriller Perfect will be having its world premiere at this year’s SXSW festival (info) and we’re here...

News11 hours ago

Bruce is Back in Bitchin’ New Retro Poster for Eli Roth’s Death Wish Remake

Bruce. Is. Back. A few weeks back we shared with you guys the awesome retro grindhouse trailer for Eli Roth’s...

News1 day ago

Want a LEGO Godzilla Set? Here’s Your Chance!

The longest-running franchises in cinema history, the Godzilla films have created a cultural icon in the form of the titular...

News1 day ago

#Brainwaves Episode 78 Guest Announcement: Legendary Film Composer Harry Manfredini

The Friday the 13th franchise without the music of Harry Manfredini would be like peanut butter without jelly. McDonalds without...

News1 day ago

Supernatural Irish Horror Beyond the Woods Hits Home Video and VOD This February

Supernatural Irish horror Beyond the Woods makes its way to DVD and VOD from Left Films! Shot on location in...

News1 day ago

Interview: The Cured’s David Freyne and Sam Keeley Talk Zombies, Politics, and PTSD

The Walking Dead, once the flagship of AMC and the envy of all networks, has been suffering a significant decline...

News1 day ago

Joe Dante Will Executive Produce Teddy Bears Are For Lovers Feature Film!

“Ahhh!” or “Awww”? I’m a big fan of films that combine horror with, for lack of a better term, “cute...

News1 day ago

Netflix’s The Cloverfield Paradox Scored 2.8 Million Viewers in First Three Days

A few weeks back we brought you a news story in which Netflix shelled out a whopping $50 million for...

News1 day ago

Toy Fair 2018: Funko’s Savage World Turns Horror Icons Into Masters of the Universe Characters

What would happen if classic horror icons existed within the world of the Masters of the Universe franchise? That’s a...

News1 day ago

Death Confirmed to Be Part of Bill & Ted 3

Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal introduced the world to a version of death that has since become iconic. A dark...

News1 day ago

Doug Jones Would Love to Return as Billy Butcherson in Hocus Pocus 2

“Wench! Trollop! You buck-toothed, mop-riding, firefly from hell!” One of my favorite horror movies as a kid was Hocus Pocus, co-written...

News1 day ago

Henry Rollins Will Be Back For More Cannibal Carnage in He Never Died 2

If you’ve somehow missed it there is a killer horror-comedy out there (streaming on Netflix) starring Henry Rollins called He...

News3 days ago

Ryan Schifrin’s Abominable Gets a Sasquatch-Sized Blu-Ray

A recent scientific study concluded that since the year 2000 there have 4,374,139 killer Bigfoot movies. 2006’s Abominable is one...

News3 days ago

Horror Retro Caps Boasts Hats Featuring The Lamp, The Video Dead, Rosemary’s Killer and more!

Yesterday I was stumbling around on Instagram and I came across this killer account called @horrorretrocaps. They make horror movie-themed...

News3 days ago

Jurassic Park T-Rex Stomps Through Ready Player One Trailer #3

Is that the f*cking T-Rex!? It was only earlier this week that we brought you guys the new “pure 80’s...

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