Exclusive: Poster and Teaser Footage For Documentary Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge has been dubbed by many as “the gayest horror movie ever made” and, I think many would argue, for very good reason. The subtext is quite hard to dismiss and the film… Continue Reading

Official Poster Released for Helen Mirren’s Ghost Story Film Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built

An official poster for CBS Films’ upcoming ghost story Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built has been released and can be seen here. Bearing the tagline “Terror Is Building,” the poster shows the Winchester house in complete darkness with blue… Continue Reading

Get Some Horror Tunes and Help the Suicide Prevention Lifeline!

Mental health awareness is something that I’m very vocal about. People who suffer from mental illnesses are often stigmatized, ignored, or dismissed, if not outright treated poorly or even with hostility. It’s a hard enough life already without being made… Continue Reading

Casting and Details Emerge for Horror Film Centered Around the Real Life Phenomenon Known as The Hum

In 2012, a strange set of phenomena rocked the planet when people from all over the world reported, and recorded, strange droning sounds that were collectively referred to as “The Hum.” Ultimately unexplainable, these sounds were heard in Russia, Mexico,… Continue Reading

Infographic: Here Are Some of Cinema’s Most Evil Doctors

For some people, a trip to the doctor is how many others view a trip to the dentist: unsettling and potentially terrifying. I mean, who likes to be handled, poked, prodded, and investigated like you’re some kind of specimen under… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Body Horror Meets Hacking in This Clip From Two Sentence Horror Stories’ Singularity

Tomorrow, Stage 13 will be releasing “Singularity”, their brand new episode in their “Two Sentence Horror Stories” series, which was created by Vera Miao (interview). Centered around a trans biohacker, the episode will focus on the dangers of becoming too… Continue Reading

10 Awesome Horror Movies on Netflix to Stream This Halloween

With Halloween almost upon us, we horror fans pretty much have our plans figured out. We know what parties we’re going to, we know what we’re going to wear (or at least know how to make it happen), and we… Continue Reading