Danny Trejo on the Scene of a Murder in the Woods – Exclusive Trailer Premiere and More!

The juggernaut that is Danny Trejo continues to cut a swath of lunacy through our genre and we’re all the better for it! Next up we have the exclusive trailer, poster, and details on his latest film, Murder in the… Continue Reading

Carol and Daryl Prepare for War in a Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere

So, Walker fans, are you ready for this weekend’s return of “The Walking Dead”? Episode 8.01, “Mercy” (also the show’s 100th ep), arrives on Sunday night; and to make sure you haven’t forgotten about it, we have a new clip… Continue Reading

Supernatural Comedy Short Film Enters The Mystic Museum – Trick or Treat?

Our friends at Nerdist have released a new short for the Halloween season, titled The Mystic Museum; and you can check it out right here!  The supernatural comedy stars Olivia Taylor Dudley from “The Magicians” and “Orphan Black’s” Kristian Bruun. From… Continue Reading

Legendary Comics Releasing Pacific Rim Aftermath as a 6-Part Prequel to Uprising

Looking forward to checking out Pacific Rim Uprising next March? To tide you over and get you ready for the upcoming Kaiju/Jaeger action, Legendary Comics is releasing Pacific Rim Aftermath, a six-part prequel to the film, beginning in January. Read… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Crypt TV and 60 Second Docs Team Up For Mini Horror Documentaries and You Can Watch the First Episode Here!

Back in 2015, Eli Roth and Jack Davis launched Crypt TV, a digital horror brand that creates and distributes short horror films that are spread via YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Today, the channel is launching a new… Continue Reading