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bag of lies
April 15, 2024
Dread Central spoke with ‘Bag of Lies’ director David Andrews James about his directorial debut and how David Fincher was his teacher.
Loop Track
February 21, 2024
We spoke with ‘Loop Track’ composer Mike Newport about using nature as his primary instrument and how ‘Jurassic Park’ inspired him.
February 13, 2024
‘Double Blind’ director Ian Hunt-Duffy spoke with Dread Central about modern Ireland, his love of the horror genre, and more.
There's Something In The Barn
December 8, 2023
Dread Central spoke to composer Lasse Enersen about using folk music, Christmas music, and heavy metal in the film’s score.
October 25, 2023
We spoke with ‘Appendage’ cinematographer Powell Robinson about working with puppets, how Guillermo del Toro influenced the film, and more.
That's A Wrap
October 11, 2023
‘That’s A Wrap’ cinematographer Marcus Friedlander discusses paying homage to the famous Psycho shower scene, the throat sequence, and more.
Don't Look Away
September 18, 2023
We spoke with the ‘Don’t Look Away’ cinematographer Athan Merrick about everything from his giallo inspiration to the toughest scene to shoot.
August 28, 2023
Dread Central spoke with ‘Belle’ composer Max Orenstein about using wind throughout the score, the importance of bathrobes, and more.
June 15, 2023
Dread Central spoke with Anubys Lopez about his new film ‘Aged’, getting inspiration from A24 films, and much more. 
March 23, 2023
Dread Central spoke with ‘Leave’ composer Jamie Christopherson about how he crafted the distinctly Nordic sound for the new Shudder film.
March 23, 2023
Dread Central spoke with ‘Malum’ cinematographer Sean McDaniel about the flashlight as a character, expanding the world’s universe, and more.
Spoonful Of Sugar
March 21, 2023
We spoke with ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ cinematographer Nick Matthews about the techniques he used to make the movie feel as trippy as possible.