‘Sucker For Love : Date To Die For’: Follow-Up To Hit Eldritch Dating Sim Is Out Now On Steam

Sucker For Love A Date To Die For

Pucker up, gamers, because it’s time to date all of your favorite eldritch horrors again in AkaBaka and DreadXP’s new game, Sucker For Love: A Date To Die For! Out today on Steam, get ready for a new protagonist, new monsters, and new horrifying challenges that stand between you and that perfect first date.

The latest Sucker For Love has a “Shadow over Innsmouth spin, where new protagonist Stardust is captured by cultists while investigating the strange goings-on of her hometown, Sacramen-cho. Trapped in the murmuring, pulsating, undulating heart of the woods, her only hope for escaping the labyrinthian roots is to turn to the cultists’ strange purple spellbook. Once opened, she releases Rhok’zan, The Black Goat of the Woods!

That’s right, we’re dancing with the Black Goat of the Woods this time around, who may just be more than a little excited to see you once she’s freed.

You can see what I mean in the launch trailer posted on Twitter by none other than DreadXP!

What can you expect from Sucker For Love: A Date To Die For? Well, according to the game’s Steam page:

  • A fun four-chapter visual-novel romp through Lovecraftian mythos, inspired by classics like “The Dunwich Horror” and “The Shadow over Innsmouth”
  • Introducing Rhok’zan, The Black Goat of the Woods: a new dateable entity!
  • Multiple endings determined by player choice
  • All new 360-degree, hand-drawn 2D environments!
  • Nostalgic art style reminiscent of old-school anime and classic dating sims!
  • No horror elements this time, we swear. Come on, trust us haha.

I’m not so sure about that last bullet point, but the rest? Sign us up.

Play Sucker For Love: A Date To Die For now!



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