Brainwaves Episode 25 – Author and Paranormal Investigator Scott A. Johnson PLUS The Squatty Potty Challenge – Listen Now!

Scott Johnson Brainwaves

Shit got real this week on Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio as author and paranormal investigator Scott A. Johnson brought the spooky and Joe brought his bursting Mexican food-stuffed bowels for The Squatty Potty Challenge! Tune in if you… Continue Reading


Horrible Imaginings Podcast #164: BizarroCon, Horrible People, and the You-Shaped Hole in the Universe

As promised! The Horrible Imaginings Podcast has picked up an esteemed and brilliant new semi-regular co-host! He has been known for his collaborative work in novels and anthologies including The Light at the End, The Scream, Animals, and Book of… Continue Reading


Brainwaves Episode 24 – Writer Jeffrey Reddick – Listen Now!

Jeff Reddick Brainwaves

This week’s episode of Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio with Jeffrey Reddick (writer; Final Destination, Dead Awake) was a lively affair, and you can check out all the auditory magic right here, right now! Jeff doles out the details… Continue Reading


Horrible Imaginings Podcast #163: Dracula vs. Hitler! A Conversation with Author Patrick Sheane Duncan!

Hello, everyone! I hope you didn’t eat too many people for Thanksgiving! In today’s episode, I get to recommend some holiday reading for you. It’s a battle between a real-life horror one side, facing off against one of literature’s most… Continue Reading


Who Goes There Podcast: Episode 89 – Society w/ Lauren Ashley Carter

This week, on a very special episode of the Who Goes There Podcast, the universe shined one giant sunbeam on our collective ass. We’re joined by our favorite foul mouth, Lauren Ashley Carter (Jug Face, The Mind’s Eye, Darling). If you’ve ever heard… Continue Reading


Brainwaves Episode 20 – The #Brainwaves Halloween Special! Listen Now!

Davis Horton Brainwaves

For those of you who missed Saturday’s late night broadcast of our investigation of The Davis-Horton House (formerly The William Heath Davis House), you’re in luck because the full episode is available right here, right now! PLEASE READ BEFORE LISTENING:… Continue Reading


Horrible Imaginings Podcast #162: Remembering Zacherley the Cool Ghoul this Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I have a bittersweet episode to celebrate our favorite holiday. As you all probably know, John Zacherle, aka Zacherley The Cool Ghoul, departed this mortal dimension late last week. He lived to the rich old age of… Continue Reading