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Queen of Spades Banner 336x189 - We're Launching a New #MonthOfDread Featuring Supernatural Specters!
June 1, 2021

In honor of QUEEN OF SPADES arriving in June, our latest #MonthOfDread features nothing but terrifying supernatural entities!

The Nun 2018 336x176 - THE NUN Actress Can't Wait to Return For New CONJURING UNIVERSE Movie
April 21, 2021

Actress Bonnie Aarons can't wait to make another movie as the demon nun from James Wan's THE CONJURING 2 and

Read Tons of Free HORROR MOVIE SCRIPTS Right Here 336x176 - Read Tons of Free HORROR MOVIE SCRIPTS Right Here
August 26, 2020

Do you like scary movies? Do you like reading scary movies? By that I mean scripts if that wasn’t clear.

Nun Party Banner 336x176 - So, This 3-Year-Old Girl Had a NUN Themed Birthday Party and the Pictures are Everything!
June 7, 2019

As soon as she made her presence known in The Conjuring 2, the demon nun Valak (played by Bonnie Aarons)

The Nun 336x176 - Writer Snagged for THE NUN 2
April 16, 2019

Gary Dauberman is a behind-the-scenes staple of The Conjuring universe launched by James Wan in 2013. He penned both Annabelle

The Crooked Man
April 11, 2019

This Summer, we’ll be getting a third Annabelle spinoff from The Conjuring franchise launched by James Wan in 2013; Annabelle

The Nun Conjuring 2 336x176 - Producer Says Sequel to 2018's THE NUN is "An Inevitability"
April 11, 2019

The demonic nun Valek (played by Bonnie Aarons) was a surprise scene-stealer in The Conjuring 2 (released in 2016) that

thenun2legobanner1200x627 336x176 - Someone Created a LEGO Stop-Motion Sequel to THE NUN and it's Adorable
February 11, 2019

The creativity and passion of horror fans never ceases to amaze me. Case in point: YouTuber Kreimkouk has created a

The Nun 2018 336x176 - Extensive CONJURING Universe Timeline Covers The Entire Franchise
January 14, 2019

Since the first installment arrived in theaters back in 2013, The Conjuring has gone on to spawn an unlikely yet

fangoriahollydoombanner1200x627 336x176 - Exclusive: Corin Hardy and GUNSHIP Raise "Cthulhu" For Fangoria's HOLLYDOOM!
January 4, 2019

Holy hell, readers, do we have something special for you today! Last year, the horror community rejoiced when it was