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Stranger Things Banner 336x189 - STRANGER THINGS Actor David Harbour Feels "Protective" and "Fatherly" About Millie Bobby Brown
August 2, 2021

"I've just always felt this kind of deep fatherly affection for her," says David Harbour of STRANGER THINGS costar Mllie

Godzilla vs Kong Banner 336x189 - New Warbat Concept Art is Scarier Than What We Saw in GODZILLA VS KONG
May 24, 2021

Check out this awesome Warbat concept art from GODZILLA VS KONG by artist Matt Millard!

Godzilla vs Kong Hollow Earth Banner 336x189 - Hollow Earth Explored in New Storyboards from GODZILLA VS KONG
May 19, 2021

Further explore Hollow Earth in newly released storyboards from GODZILLA VS KONG by artist Richard Bennett!

Godzilla vs Kong banner 3 336x189 - SON OF KONG May Be the Next New MonsterVerse Movie Directed by Adam Wingard
April 27, 2021

Adam Wingard may be gearing up to helm the next installment of Legendary's MonsterVerse!

Monsterverse banner 336x189 - The Entire MonsterVerse Has Now Been Encapsulated Into a Single Poster
April 18, 2021

This stunning poster encapsulates all four films in Legendary's MonsterVerse!

Shimidah Banner 336x189 - Shimidah Concept Art Now Introduces Us to a Titan We Didn't Meet in Legendary's MonsterVerse
April 18, 2021

Ken Barthelmey recently shared concept art for Shimidah, an unused Titan from Legendary's Monsterverse!

Godzilla vs Kong Banner 1 336x189 - Here’s Some Brand New Mechagodzilla Concept Art by Matt Allsopp
April 17, 2021

Check out this awesome Mechagodzilla concept art from GODZILLA VS KONG by Matt Allsopp!

Godzilla vs Kong Honest Trailer Banner 336x189 - GODZILLA VS KONG Now Gets the "Honest Trailer" Treatment
April 12, 2021

Our friends at Screen Junkies have given GODZILLA VS KONG the "Honest Trailer" treatment!

GODZILLA VS KONG Concept Art Now Gives Clear Look at Hollow Earth Bugs 336x175 - GODZILLA VS KONG Concept Art Now Gives Clear Look at Hollow Earth Bugs
April 12, 2021

Concept art by Xander Smith gives us a clear look at the creepy Hollow Earth bugs from GODZILLA VS KONG!

Godzilla vs Kong Hollow Earth Lizard Banner 336x189 - VIDEO: Fan Theory Now Suggests "Hollow Earth Lizard" is [Spoiler]
April 9, 2021

New fan theory suggests we actually saw Godzilla's "son" in GODZILLA VS KONG

Mechagodzilla Godzilla vs Kong banner 336x189 - OWN Mechagodzilla? Legendary is Giving Away a Rare Digital Collectible
April 6, 2021

Legendary teamed up with Nerdist and Terra Virtua HQ on a rare digital collectible of Mechagodzilla from GODZILLA VS KONG

Godzilla vs Kong Banner 4 336x189 - Animal Ethologist Now Explains GODZILLA VS KONG with Science
April 5, 2021

How scientifically accurate is GODZILLA VS KONG? Animal behavioral ecologist Dr. Marc Bekoff talks truth