Doomed Bridges, Loon Lakes, and Psycho Apes! [Giallo Julian’s Indie Shoutout]

It’s been quite a year for indie horror, hasn’t it? From Tetramorphs, to beautiful gonzo art, to macabre performers, to so many other creators and creations. But the year isn’t quite over yet, and we still have one more Indie Shoutout before the new year comes upon us. Ready for one last round? Let’s go!


1. Uncle Sleazo’s Toxic and Terrifying T.V. Hour (Feature Film)

Lucky Cerruti’s latest feature follows a ghoulish T.V. host as he presents short films inspired by multiple sub-genres of horror. Beta werewolves, literal soul mates, and body-horror parasites lurk in these tales of terror. You can buy the film physically here or watch it on Troma NOW digitally here!

2. Bishop’s Cove (Indiegogo)

Charles D. Lincoln’s indie horror Bishop’s Cove tells the story of Heather (Emily McKinley Hill) as she travels to a small town to deliver her late ex-girlfriend’s ashes to her family. What starts off as going the extra mile for a past flame turns into a pitched, painful battle against demons — both literal and figurative. The cast also includes Anna Paulette, Nana Gouvea, and Chelsea LeSage as The Nameless. An Indiegogo for the film’s finishing funds is currently running, which you can support right here!

3. Bridge of the Doomed (Feature Film)

The world is overrun with the flesh-eating living dead (per usual) and in order to have any hope of universal recovery, a group of soldiers must protect a bridge until reinforcements arrive. However, it turns out that zombies aren’t the only predators on the hunt for blood… and guts… and probably brains. From director Michael Su, Bridge of the Doomed is available to watch digitally here!

4. Chest (Feature Film)

Based on actual events, a team of amateur filmmakers investigates the rumors of a mysterious chest in the Appalachian area known as “Jeffrey’s Hell”… charming. Whoever Jeffrey was, I’m sure his Hell is lovely this time of year. The further in they venture, however, the more they realize that if they were so set on getting an old box, an antique shop might’ve been a safer stop. Aaron Irons’s Chest is available to watch on Tubi right here!

5. They Are Here (Indiegogo)

Wouldn’t be found footage without aliens! Or Bigfoot, or ghosts, or cults… but in this case, aliens! Based on a short film, The Wendigo’s Jake Robinson is helming this indie feature written by Mothman’s Joshua Brucker, titled They Are Here! The film follows several friends filming a pilot for a reality show, trying to uncover the truth behind the insidious happenings around their small town. Their investigations lead to a small ranch, where they discover that if you keep digging, you might find the buried story you’re looking for — but it might not be too happy that you found it. The film currently has an Indiegogo underway, which you can support here!

6. Psycho Ape! (Feature Film)

From director Addison Binek comes Psycho Ape! It’s about a gorilla that escapes from the zoo, then uses its newfound freedom to commit murder… a lot of murder. Nothing else needs to be said. Check it out digitally here or pick it up physically here!

7. XXX-Mas (Indiegogo)

Brought to us by indie-filmmaker James Dean, XXX-Mas aims to deliver the grisly details to the question — “What would happen if Santa went crazy and started hacking away at Holiday-themed porn stars?” I’m sure we’ve all asked this at least once, and Dean has our answer. You can support the film’s Indiegogo right here!

8. Night of the Axe (Feature Film)

A high school reunion takes a turn for the gruesome when a sadistic killer crashes the party fully intent on satisfying his bloodlust by any axe-related means necessary — sounds better than most high school reunions, truth be told. Pre-order Shawn Wright’s Night of the Axe digitally here or physically here! And, oh hey, there’s Angel Bradford again. There’s a familiar face nobody minds seeing!

9. Terror in Woods Creek (Feature Film)

Taking place in the small town of Woods Creek, a killer from a 1962 murder-spree returns fifty years later to wreak havoc once again. To keep the community from falling into complete mayhem, Father Fulci and Detective Smith Wesson must find a way to stop the killer once and for all… Fulci and Smith Wesson, huh? I wonder how they’re going to fix this. You can check out Tracy Lee Staton’s Terror in Woods Creek on Tubi right here

10. Pigface (Short Film)

When it comes to murderous movie madmen, it’s not uncommon for them to have some sort of facial mask/deformity, and to adopt a moniker based upon it. Leatherface, Two-Face, Motherface, it’s a popular gimmick among this crowd. Now we have Pigface! The flick follows a bunch of teens who’ve found their way to an isolated farm, only to be stalked by a killer with the face of a… pig. Yeah, that checks out. Watch it here!

11. Loon Lake (Feature Film)

City life can be rough, so wanting to take a break and escape it for a bit isn’t an unreasonable idea. However, if you do so, don’t be like Louis Olsen (Nathan Wilson) and disturb a witch’s grave while getting some R&R. Now he’s living in a nightmare that may or may not be all in his head. The cast also includes David Selby and Kathyrn Leigh Scott (of Dark Shadows fame). Watch Loon Lake on Tubi right here!

12. Bells (Short Film)

Small towns tend to have traditions they like to uphold, like harvest festivals, springtime parades, or sacrifices to whatever primordial god they worship. Morgan’s town is no different, having a yearly ritual due to some “dark bargain” made however so long ago. His neighbor doesn’t believe in such nonsense and refuses to participate. I’m sure that’ll work out real well for him. Check out D.J Remark’s short film Bells right here!

Thanks to all the creators who’ve shared their work with me this past year, and here’s to seeing what indie horror endeavors await us in the year to come! I couldn’t be more excited. Truly, thank y’all for everything that you do, and letting me write all about it!

Until next time…

Ciao, friends!

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