Meet Horror Triple Threat Razor De Rockefeller [Giallo Julian’s Indie Spotlight]

It’s been way too long since I’ve talked about an individual performer, hasn’t it? There was the Actor Spotlight I did several months back. Then not too long after, I included Clawdette Smm Smm in one of my Indie Spotlights — I think that’s it. Let’s up those numbers a bit! In this Spotlight, we’re taking a look at a very talented person. It’s my pleasure to introduce y’all to the ever-spooktacularRazor De Rockefeller!

Like most of us, Razor De Rockefeller is a voracious Gorehound. She explains:

“I’ve been a fan of horror since I was a wee kiddie. I think the first movie I remember seeing — at probably way too young age — was Dead Alive, which is a great one to start with… But ever since then, horror has been a major influence on everything in my life, from my art to my music to my personal aesthetic. I have an overall love and appreciation for filmmaking and have worked on several film and television productions as an actor, background extra, or doing special FX/ makeup/wardrobe.”

You read that right — acting, background acting, AND special FX/makeup/wardrobe. A real triple threat! Except she does even more than that, so she’s like a… more than triple threat. Listen, the ‘-ple threat’ only goes so far. Mostly because once I get to about sextuple, I stop knowing what comes next.

Anyway, her film career is pretty extensive, having done SFX/makeup for the indie-film company, Robot Hand Films

“I did makeup for various shorts by them, including Attackazoids, Attackazoids, Deploy!, Martian Precursor, Blue Sheep Suit, The Transmission, Carney, and a few more that I’m sure I’m not remembering currently.”

After working on these films, she branched out into digital media and music videos. Along with her background work, she was also a featured extra on shows like Law & Order: SVU and Gotham. She recently took on a role in the latest feature film from Adams’ Family Films/Wonder Wheel Productions.

“The Adams’ have directed such films as The Deeper You Dig and this new project called Where The Devil Roams. I don’t wanna give away any spoilers, but I am very excited to see the finished result. It’s a unique, interesting horror film that blends in a lot of elements that truly make it one of a kind. In the latest film, myself and my bandmate, Addam Robert Paul, both make an appearance.”

Those of y’all with eagle eyes might have noticed how Razor De Rockefeller said “bandmate” at the end there. There’s a reason for that!

“I have a spooky band called The Mary Lous as well! Our tagline is — ‘Spooky, Ukey, Sometimes Kooky, RiotGhoooul From the TriState!’. Consisting of myself and Addam, aka Howl Daddy.”

The Mary Lous incorporate “electric ukuleles, dueling vocals, and upbeat pop tempos” into their music, creating a unique sound that I can only describe as “superfuckingrad.” That’s some professional writer lingo right there — have to fit that in every now and then so I sound qualified.

“I gather a lot of inspiration from the horror genre, a lot of themes are based in horror and are very tongue-in-cheek. Our aesthetic as a band is very campy, cutesy, fun Halloween, and we often get told how we give off a ‘if John Waters directed a Halloween film’ vibe’… which I’ll gladly take!”

De Rockefeller and Howl Daddy also have a podcast called Boos From The Lous, where they discuss “anything and everything, but especially all things spooky!” On top of that, they work with local Spirit Halloween stores every year to do performances to help raise money for the Spirit of Children foundation.

I know what y’all are thinking — “Wow! That’s a lot of stuff!”

And how right you are! But we’re still not done yet.

The duo is also involved in a project known as The Destruct Principle, which is described as “ritual industrial” and “a full-on performance art experience.”

“It takes inspiration from horror, cinematic soundscapes, satanism, the occult, ritual practices, and more. A much heavier and darker tone featuring the dueling vocals of Adam and myself, multiple percussion stations, darker imagery, and samples and tracks, The Destruct Principle is definitely a 180 experience from The Mary Lous, but they are two different sides of the same spooky coin, in a sense.”

Wrapping this incredibly impressive list of endeavors and passions up, I note that de Rockefeller is also an artist — what kind of artist? Yes.

“I love taking horror concepts or things that scary or unsettling and working them into fetish and erotic art. I am also an artist in other fashions, one of them being a blood painter. I use mostly blood (my own) and watercolors to create most of my paintings. I find blood to be a really interesting medium, it responds similarly to watercolor, but has a life of its own. It can make a piece very personal or the act of creating a piece that much more of a ritual or release. I also make dolls, and I was formerly a tattoo artist, and have been in roller derby for the past fourteen-ish years.”

Yeah, I don’t know when de Rockefeller sleeps, either. Between all the acting, music-making, blood-painting, doll-making, and rollerskate-brutalizing, maybe she doesn’t! That’s a secret technique I’d love to know one day, but until then, I’m going to keep guzzling down coffee like water.

To keep up with what de Rockefeller does, be sure to follow her social media pages here, which also include pages for her band The Mary Lous, as well as The Destruct Principle. And while y’all are at it, check out Howl Daddy’s social media pages here.

I know, that’s a lot of homework. I’ll go ahead and cancel the five-hundred-word essay I was going to give y’all. That way no one gets burnt out!

Until next time…

Ciao, friends!

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