A ‘Mothman’ Found Footage Horror Is Soaring Our Way! [Indie Spotlight Solo]


Moth – a chiefly nocturnal insect related to the butterflies.

Man – an adult male human being.

Throw those two things into a blender and what do you get? A mess in the kitchen and a visit from your local law enforcement. Figuratively, though, you’d make one of the most mysterious, memorable cryptids of recent memory: the MOTHMAN!

Half man, half moth, all harbinger of doom. Or something like that. I believe there are numerous interpretations of what he’s all about. Let me check real quick… ah yes, it says here that the Mothman is an alien connected with UFOs! Or some sort of beast living in a military storage site! Or a type of supernatural entity that collapsed a bridge one time! Pick your poison.

Whichever flavor you favor, it’s certain that the Mothman has flapped his way into pop culture, gnawing away at the neglected torn-up sweater that is the public consciousness, buzzing around with cryptid royalty like Bigfoot and the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. And with that acquired fame comes merch! Books, comics, dating sims, and (of course) movies. I’m sure you can guess which one we’re focusing on… no, not the dating sim, unfortunately. I know, I’m sad about it, too, but that’s okay because I have something just as good lined up: a film! That’s right, a new found footage flick about to go into production under the helm of indie-horror director Joshua Brucker, titled… MOTHMAN. It’d be weird if it wasn’t named that, right? If it was called Loch Ness or something, I’d risk this whole article not making sense.

For someone who isn’t a huge fan of found footage, I sure am talking about it a lot, aren’t I? What can I say? Maybe there’s hope for me doing a heel-face turn yet… maybe.

As an added bonus, Brucker’s film takes place in the same universe as Jake Robinson‘s Wendigo (yes, that Wendigo) and Dillon Brown’s The Flock (which I’ll talk about real soon). It’s exciting to see more films shining a spotlight on the Mothman, who has been severely underused as a movie monster. Go ahead, think of a movie with Mothman. The Mothman Prophecies? That one episode of Lost Tapes? That’s it?… see what I mean?

Brucker says of the story:

Mothman follows Amanda Mason (Liz Fletcher) and her boyfriend Tim (Christopher Kuriata) as they set out to develop a documentary to shed light on the case surrounding her missing brother, Dakota (Randall Cole). After retrieving his lost SD card and cellphone, she uncovers a truth that leads her down an unsettling path, putting her face-to-face with the horror her brother unknowingly encountered: the burning red eyes of Mothman.”

Ah, you see, that’s why if my brother ever goes missing in the woods, he’s on his own (sorry bro). Don’t need both of us getting eaten by The Jersey Devil or whatever-the-hell else, right? Dad will understand.

Brucker assures us this won’t be a by-the-mills found footage flick, with the film being shot as a pseudo-documentary with “true found footage” (Dakota’s personal videos) as the evidence discovered by Amanda and Tim.

“Don’t expect this to be a traditional ‘creature feature’ where the cast runs from a monster for the duration of the film… the horror is more psychological. But don’t worry, your favorite winged cryptid will most certainly make an appearance in the flesh. We are super excited about the design of our Mothman and we can’t wait to show you all!”

The film also stars Chaney Marrow (Wrong Turn, Haunt) and Tiffany Saggio (The Incel). Brucker’s film crew includes Elise Prusaczyk (Assistant Director), Bryan McGarey and Beth Metcalf (Make-up and Creature Creators), Jamie Apple and Samantha Nork (Production Assistants), and Jake Robinson (Cinematographer)… hey, wait a-

This one is an exclusive from Mothman himself!… well, actually, it’s from Brucker. But I’ve never seen both of them in the same room before, so…

Shooting starts May 19th for five days, with many locations in Ohio (Logan, Hocking Hills State Park, The Moonville Tunnel) along with Point Pleasant, West Virginia, which is where it all began. Even though the film reached its Indiegogo goal, they’re still accepting donations to help with additional costs and still have plenty of perks available.

As always, you can be sure that I’ll keep y’all updated on this Mothman’s flight, along with the upcoming Wendigo feast and brazen cult murder-party… what a fucked shared universe, right?

Until next time…

Ciao, friends!



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