Adam Mason and Andrew Howard Taking Us to DracuL.A.

Longtime film collaborators Adam Mason and Andrew Howard have been working together for quite some time now, delivering film after film of depravity and extreme amounts of violence. That's why whenever this demented duo get together for a new project, they immediately get our attention. Enter their new flick DracuL.A.

Second Action-Packed Predators Clip

Another clip found its way online today for Nimrod Antal's Predators, and I swear things just look better, and better, and better, and better, and ...

Will Twi-Hards Enroll in Vampire Academy?

As I am writing this, midnight movie screenings of the latest Twilight flick are selling out everywhere. No surprise to know that many movie production companies would like to suck up some of that tweener paranormal romance money. This is good news for authors like Richelle Mead and her New York Times best selling Vampire Academy book series. She'll reap the rewards, and horror fans will continue to weep for the genre.

Feast Your Eyes! Glut Your Soul! The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Review!

It's back with a vengeance! That's right, kids, the third entry into the cougar/tweener craze, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is here, and we've got the lowdown on the latest emo showdown between team sparkly flesh and the underwear wolf himself!

Preview: Dread Central Rides: King Kong 360 3D!

I'll never forget that fateful morning driving westbound on the I-134 and rounding the bend to see Universal Studios in flames. The pillars of smoke rose high enough to blot out the sun, and all of us were left with an unbearable sadness as miles of backlot - including Hill Valley, the King Kong exhibit, and vaults of archival material - perished in that godawful fire. Thankfully, Universal and Peter Jackson have made the best of a bad situation, and we now have a brand-new Kong attraction.

See the Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer NOW!

Last year audiences were thrilled by what some refer to as one of the scariest films they've ever seen. Like it or not, Oren Peli's little movie that could changed ALL of the rules in Hollywood, and the genre has been better for it.

Final Destination 5 Gets an Official Title, Plus a Little on the Opening Disaster

Boy, it really seemed like there was no life left in the Final Destination franchise after that last movie, but a worldwide gross of $185 million has put Warner Bros. on the proverbial fast track. What have they come up with so far? How about an awful title and a potentially awesome opening disaster.

New Predators Clip Blasts Its Way Online

More goodness has found its way online today for Nimrod Antal's Predators, and all I want for Christmas is for it to be July 9th already!

Andy Serkis Joins Planet of the Apes: Rise of the Apes

A bit more casting news coming in for the next chapter in the legendary Apes franchise, Planet of the Apes: Rise of the Apes. A man has joined the cast who's no stranger to monkeying around on a grand scale!

Scream 4 Rampant Speculation

It should surprise no one that I’m giddy with anticipation over Scream 4. Say what you will about the series, but the thought of another slasher sequel hitting theaters makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas. Some people have finely aged Scotch while others prefer an imported Cuban cigar. But my vice is slasher flicks. And today’s news has me all kinds of curious.

First Look, Dread Central, & Metuchen, New Jersey's Forum Theatre to Host East Coast Premiere of 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

As if hosting the West Coast premiere wasn't enough, we've decided to hop in Tim Sullivan's maniac mobile and head on over to the East Coast to make sure New Jersey gets its fair share of bloody, tasteless mayhem!

Anne Rice Talks New Lestat and Mayfair Witches Films or TV Series

So, it's been about a year since anyone last spoke about a possible reboot of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles. Of course that means it's time for the subject to rear its head again. Only now it's Anne herself doing the talking so odds are it'll really happen ... eventually.

Fantasia 2010: First Event Information and Films Announced!

Several press releases went out today featuring some huge news coming out of Canada's Fantasia Film Festival including the first batch of films that will be populating this massive three-week long event. Pull up your chair, kids! You're gonna be here for a while!

Resident Evil: Afterlife - First Look at Boris Kodjoe

A new image coming out today for the next installment in the Resident Evil franchise, this one featuring our first look at actor Boris Kodjoe as Luther West, the leader of the survivors in LA! Can you dig it?

Foycast 9 - Tar Balls to the Wall!

The greatest show about nothing since "Seinfeld" was canceled is back for its ninth installment. Tar balls may be the order of the day on the Gulf Coast where I roam, but this Foycast is more like a tar ball rolling downhill, building up momentum more and more as it goes on. My co-host Uncle Creepy started out ultra surly, but by the end he was all sunshine and rainbows after a giddy hour tripping down so-bad-it's-good movie memory lane. "Let's do the hustle!"