Rob Zombie Says This Iconic 90s Horror Movie is “Barely a Nancy Drew mystery”

Rob Zombie
Courtesy of Lionsgate/Saban

It’s probably an understatement to say Rob Zombie is a divisive filmmaker. Most people seem to love or hate his work without a lot of middle ground. It turns out his hot takes can also be polarizing. In an interview with Revolver, the musician-turned-filmmaker spoke to what he considers to be the five worst horror movies of all time. I was more than a little surprised to see his list includes teen slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Zombie offered the following commentary on the 1997 horror picture: “Once again, dopey teen actors being menaced by … what? The Morton’s Fisherman guy? That’s not a horror movie, that’s barely a Nancy Drew mystery. Jennifer Love Hewitt would have to be riding on a pony stark naked to make this worthwhile.”

Ouch. That’s quite the indictment. I wouldn’t argue that the film gets every last thing right. It doesn’t. But I would counter that the flick is better than detractors might suggest and that it’s certainly not one of the worst ever made. I penned an editorial on the screen adaptation of Lois Duncan’s novel a while back, saying:

“Director Jim Gillespie brings [Kevin] Williamson’s screenplay to life with panache, putting viewers through the wringer with pulse-pounding suspense and unforgettable chase sequences.”

It seems Zombie vehemently disagrees with my assessment. But I’m curious to know what you think, dear reader? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @DreadCentral.

The film’s plot crunch goes a little something like this: A year after running over a fisherman and dumping his body in the water, four friends reconvene when Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) receives a frightening letter telling her that their crime was seen. While pursuing who he thinks is responsible for the letter, Barry (Ryan Phillippe) is run over by a man with a meat hook. The bloodletting only increases from there, as the killer with the hook continues to stalk Julie, Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.).



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