New ‘Frankenstein’ Reportedly Coming To Netflix From Guillermo del Toro

Horror fans rejoice. As first reported by Deadline, Guillermo del Toro is said to be actively developing an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for Netflix. While the streamer has refused to comment, sources close to the production note that del Toro himself has been in talks with Andrew Garfield, Oscar Isaac, and Mia Goth to star. Come on Jaaaaaames, there’s going to be more del Toro!

Fresh off his Oscar-win for the deliciously gothic stop-motion Pinocchio (which, it’s worth noting in fairness, he co-directed with Mark Gustafson), del Toro shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, he’s been successful at using the streamer to springboard not only his own projects, but also simultaneously highlight some fresh, compelling voices in the genre. Last year’s Cabinet of Curiosities horror anthology was a terrifying opportunity for both established and new voices to try their hand at gothic, Grand Guignol savagery. Each entry was introduced by del Toro. Several—such as David Prior’s The Autopsy and Jennifer Kent’s The Murmuring—were as good as anything released that year.

Guillermo del Toro is attached to both write and direct the live-action adaptation of the seminal gothic text. Presently, there’s no news on whether his version is poised to be a faithful adaptation or something else entirely. The title would mark Oscar Isaac’s return to horror after last decade’s one-two punch of both Annihilation and Ex Machina. Mia Goth will be right at home within the gothic confines of Shelley’s source material. The actor has become something of a genre icon, starring in titles such as X, Pearl, and Infinity Pool recently. The likes of Marrowbone and A Cure for Wellness round out her earlier filmography. With Frankenstein, maybe Goth will finally get the Oscar nomination she’s long deserved for her genre work.

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What do you think of this news? Are you excited for del Toro’s interpretation? Let me know over on Twitter @Chadiscollins. In the meantime, stream Marrowbone. It’s criminally underrated.



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