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Netflix Nightmares and Daydreams
July 16, 2024
This Indonesian horror anthology series never charted in the West, but it's one of the best series you can stream…
Netflix The Man With 1000 Kids
July 11, 2024
A new true crime series is captivating Netflix subscribers around the world. We have all the scandalous details for you…
stephen king calibre
July 4, 2024
Stephen King has called this underrated Netflix Original a "genuine nail-biter" with hints of 'The Wicker Man.' Learn more here.
Netflix Horror
July 3, 2024
A brutal horror sequel is climbing its way up the Netflix streaming charts. Learn more now on Dread Central.
Image via Netflix
June 27, 2024
A wild new Netflix docuseries has topped the streaming charts, and this one is about a disturbing cult on TikTok…
Courtesy of Netflix
June 26, 2024
We have the latest on the top-charting film on Netflix. Fans are loving the fight choreography and intense nature of…
June 24, 2024
From 'Under Paris' to 'The Meg 2', these are the best shark movies streaming right now on Netflix. Read more…
Denzel Washington - Devil in a Blue Dress
June 21, 2024
From a Denzel Washington gem to a unique Spike Lee joint, these 5 beloved thrillers will be gone from Netflix…
Stephen King
Image courtesy of ‘The Today Show’ NBC
June 14, 2024
Stephen King has been raving about the original adaptation of this classic novel. Learn more about where to watch the…
Courtesy of Netflix
June 14, 2024
A tragic new thriller on Netflix starring Benedict Cumberbatch is officially the most-viewed series across all streaming for the week.
Stephen King Netflix
Courtesy of Good Morning America on ABC and Netflix
June 13, 2024
Stephen King now recommends the top-charting horror/thriller on Netflix and gives particular kudos to the film's shocking final act.
guillermo del toro errementari
June 12, 2024
Guillermo del Toro recommends this hidden Netflix horror film certain to terrify you. Learn more about the film here.