See How The Cleavagefield Trailer Stacks Up

Hey! We can actually see the monster!Cloverfield (review) remains one the most divisive films of 2008. Some loved it. Others hated it. But I think we can all agree while there were plenty of boobs on the screen (the characters, I mean), they weren’t the sort of boobs we’d have preferred. Cleavagefield looks to correct that jiggly oversight.

Jim Wynorski has spent the bulk of his 25-year b-moviemaking career giving us all manner of horror movies, monster movies, action films, kiddy flicks, and erotic thrillers, everything from Chopping Mall to Return of Swamp Thing to Deathstalker II to Munchie to Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III and then on. He also really loves breasts. More specifically, he really loves tongue-in-cheek parodies loaded up with top-heavy women in varying degrees of undress. Or have you not seen The Breastford Wives, The Witches of Breastwick, and The Bare Wench Project and so on? Now comes Cleavagefield.

Found footage: CHECK
Giant monster: CHECK
People on the run: CHECK
Massive hooters: CHECK

Fallbrook Entertainment, in conjunction with Jim Wynorski’s chesty obsession, brings us Cleavagefield, a sexy, satircal spoof of Cloverfield starring a bevy of busty beauties. The trailer just popped up on MySpaceTV. It looks cheap, cheesy, and maybe even just a little sleazy. But it still looks better than The Asylum’s Cloverfield mockbuster, Monster.

As Joe Bob Briggs would say, check it out. Unless you’re at work right now.

The Foywonder

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