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Creatures From the Abyss monster movies
March 14, 2023

With the success of Scream VI almost guaranteeing yet another sequel, horror fans are keeping the slasher subgenre in the

VINCENT kickstarter still 336x189 - How You Can Help an Indie Filmmaker Make a Coming-of-Age Monster Movie
July 22, 2021

Michelle Swope tells you how you can help filmmaker David Noel Bourke make VINCENT, a mysterious film about a teenager

Found Footage Monsters 336x189 - Here Are 5 Great Found Footage Movies About Monsters
March 8, 2021

This list does NOT include Cloverfield. But it does include other great found footage movies about monsters.

Godzilla vs Kong Banner 2 1 336x189 - Mecha-DREAD-Zilla: A #MonthOfDread Dedicated to Giant Monsters (And Robots)!
March 1, 2021

To celebrate the realease of GODZILLA VS KONG on March 31st, we've got a #MonthOfDread featuring giant monsters and robots!

comettvmonstersummercontestbanner 336x175 - Contest: Win a Comet TV MONSTER SUMMER Beach Pack
June 7, 2018

We’re heading into summer, which means many of you are going to head to the beach for a day and/or

April 22, 2015

We at Dread Central recently had the opportunity to have a brief confab with Tom Green, who accepted the baton

April 10, 2015

Playing April 17th on VOD is Monsters: Dark Continent (review) and if you’re on the fence as to whether or

April 7, 2015

Starring Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley, Joe Dempsie Directed by Tom Green Diving into the deep end of the low-budget profusion

March 26, 2015

We learned recently that Monsters: Dark Continent would be premiering on April 17th via Radius-TWC. Today we have the first

March 13, 2015

Yesterday we told you that Monsters: Dark Continent would be premiering on April 17th via Radius-TWC. Today we have the

March 12, 2015

We told you a while back that you’d be seeing Monsters: Dark Continent in April, but at that time we

January 9, 2015

Wondering just when you’ll be seeing Monsters: Dark Continent? Well, wonder no more as Radius-TWC has announced that the movie