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March 21, 2020
The quintessentially ’80s horror movie Chopping Mall was released on this day back in 1986. A bonafide cult classic, the […]
July 9, 2018
Starring Dick Durock, Heather Locklear, Louis Jordan, Sarah Douglas Directed by Jim Wynorski Distributed by MVD Visual/MVD Rewind Collection #5 […]
March 21, 2018
As some of you might know, director Robert Hall (Laid to Rest) has a remake of Jim Wynorski’s Chopping Mall […]
December 12, 2016
On tap exclusively for our patrons are several images from the Roger Corman produced creature feature CobraGator! Check out the […]
September 27, 2016
Starring Kelli Maroney, Tony O’Dell, John Terlesky, Russell Todd Directed by Jim Wynorski Distributed by Vestron Video / Lionsgate The […]
August 26, 2016
The dude may have just turned 90, but Roger Corman still doesn’t have any plans to retire. He’s currently producing […]
August 1, 2016
Fans have for years been begging for a Blu-ray release of director Jim Wynorski’s Chopping Mall, and not only is […]
March 7, 2016
Sooner or later, the creature feature hybrid well will run dry, and we’ll have to invent an entirely new (and […]
February 22, 2016
As we learned last month, Scream Factory is bringing cult filmmaker Jim Wynorski’s new film Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre to […]
February 5, 2016
With over 100 films on his resume, including Chopping Mall, The Return of Swamp Thing, and Ghoulies 4, Jim Wynorski […]
June 22, 2015
Another hybrid creature feature is on its way from legendary B-movie icon Roger Corman called CobraGator, and we have your […]
April 10, 2015
Moth, meet flame. Flame, meet moth. There’s no conceivable way that a movie entitled Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre will escape […]