Grindstone Entertainment

Lionsgate to Play an Ultra-Violent Game of Assassins

Stop me if you've heard this one... several strangers wake up not knowing how they got to their location and they must play a deadly game in order to survive. Nope, totally new ground, right? Well... at least this time our heroes have to fight their way out!

Grindstone Entertainment Acquires Patrick Rea's Horror-Thriller Nailbiter

SenoReality Pictures and Ministry Machine Productions have announced that Grindstone Entertainment Group has acquired their feature film Nailbiter for North America to be released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Lionsgate Ready to Needle Us

Damned machines. They're gonna be the death of all of us one day. At least now we can revel in the fact that it's just a few deaths we have to deal with when Lionsgate releases Needle on DVD, Digital Download, and On Demand November 29th.

Exclusive: Lionsgate to Release John V. Soto's Needle

Aussie director John V. Soto got in touch with us this evening to give us the lowdown on release plans for his horror feature Needle (we last spoke with him in October just prior to the flickā€™s Stateside debut at Screamfest LA).

Lionsgate Hosts Open House in August

Lionsgate announced today an August 3rd Blu-ray/DVD release date for its upcoming thriller Open House so it won't be much longer before we get to see a couple of our favorite "True Blood" stars in a whole new light!

Open House Spills Some True Blood for Grindstone Entertainment

While the chemistry between True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer is apparently hot enough to keep people tuning in week-to-week for the HBO vampire drama, you have to wonder if said chemistry will translate into box office receipts for the Grindstone Entertainment Group, who are looking to give Open House a release this August.