Cover art:reviews2/nailbiters.jpgStarring Erin McGrane, Meg Saricks, Sally Spurgeon, Emily Boresow, Joicie Appell Directed by Patrick Rea As a former Midwesterner, I know that tornadoes are serious business, which made writer/director Patrick Rea's latest endeavor, Nailbiter, all the more effective of a high-tension

Source Name:SenoReality PicturesSource Url:http://www.senoreality.com/Post Thumb:/apr11/nailbiterthumb.jpgGallery Image:'/apr11/nailbiter1', '/apr11/nailbiter2', '/apr11/nailbiter3', '/apr11/nailbiter4'We heard from indie filmmaker Patrick Rea today with updates on two of his projects that we've been following: the upcoming short film "Rhino" and Rea's second feature film Nailbiter. He also