Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Help Raise Maggie from the Dead

Arnold Schwarzenegger. During his long career in films he's stopped predators, blasted countless bad guys, beheaded sorcerers, dismantled electronic killing machines from the future, and even shot a rocket at Lucifer himself! What's left for him to tackle? The living dead of course!

The Rock Taking on The Terminator?

The Terminator is an ailing franchise in need of some big muscle and firepower to get it back on top where it deserves to be. Now that Paramount had gotten the rights to the series, there's some very interesting talk going around to help propel the property back into the spotlight.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Terminator Role; Talks King Conan and Twins 2 - No Really, Twins 2

The great Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke a little bit to his fan site The Arnold Fans about his next movies, and he pretty much confirmed his gig as the star of the next Terminator flick and much more. Including Twins friggin' 2.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Talks to Star in The Toxic Avenger Remake

Well now. Can't say we saw this one coming. Some pretty strange news is coming out of Hollyweird today as Arnold Schwarzenegger, yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is in talks to star in Troma's remake of The Toxic Avenger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks The Legend of Conan; Paul Verhoeven Interested in Directing

We all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back for the new film The Legend of Conan, and in a perfect world it will be the serious-minded and bloody sword and sandal flick we've all been hoping for. But will we get it?

Schwarzenegger Back as Conan in New Movie The Legend of Conan

Even decades later, the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian holds a very special place in our hearts. Simply put, Arnold Schwarzenegger was perfect as the title character. He had the look and the savagery down to a science. The sequel, not so much. But he did say that he'd be back!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: NECA Finally Gives us Someone to Fight Off the Predators! Behold Dutch!

For years collectors have been wanting a quality version of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch from the much beloved film Predator. My fellow fanboys, our prayers have just been answered. Somewhere in San Diego Buz has just peed in his pants!

A Mind-Bending New Total Recall Blu-ray

With the Mars-less remake of Total Recall getting all the headlines lately, we're happy to announced that Lionsgate is giving the original film the Blu-ray treatment it deserves! Oh, the glory of a three-boobed hooker in remastered HD!

James Cameron Wants More Arnold Action in Fifth Terminator Film

Though it's unclear just what the status is of the next flick in The Terminator franchise, one thing is abundantly clear ... the series just isn't the same without star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Series creator James Cameron thinks so, too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Play an Angel in Black Sands?

The last time the former governator tangoed with the supernatural was at the height of Y2k fever in the flick End of Days. Now that he's getting back to business blowing shit up on the big screen, that may be about to change.

Justin Lin Leaves The Terminator

Well now. This sucks. A bit of bad news for those of you out there like us who were really looking forward to seeing just what Fast Five director Justin Lin could bring to the flailing Terminator franchise ... the director has had to bail on the project.

More Terminator Chatter from Justin Lin - Sarah Connor Returning?

With the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back to the Terminator franchise, you really have to wonder if we'll be seeing any more familiar faces loading up for one more round. Speaking of which ...

Big Hopes for Terminator 5 - Justin Lin Meets with Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron

After the soul-crushing disappointment of the mess that was the last Terminator movie, it's going to take a lot to get fans excited about another entry in the franchise. Ladies and gentlemen ... meet step one in the right direction.

Paul Walker to be a Fast and Furious Kyle Reese in New Terminator Movie?

While star and baby maker Arnold Schwarzenegger sorts out his personal life, chatter of a fifth entry into The Terminator franchise continues, this time with some possible casting news.

The Terminator Franchise Finds a Home

One of the biggest deals to go down at this year's Cannes film market is now over and done with. All that's left to do? Send Arnie back to the gym, fire up the CGI computers, go for an R rating and get to filming!