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'Alien' Ridley Scott
January 6, 2022
The creator of the upcoming Hulu/FX ‘Alien’ series now shares details about what to expect with the show. Read the full story now.
'Alien' Ridley Scott
November 22, 2021
Executive producer Ridley Scott says the ‘Alien’ FX series will run eight to 10 hours—a length that suggests it will debut as a miniseries.
November 16, 2021
The ‘Alien’ FX series will aim to combine the terror of the first film and the action of the second, and production starts in March 2022.
'Alien' FX Series Character and Plot Details
November 8, 2021
New reports indicate that two character backstories from the ‘Alien’ FX series have been revealed, and that body-swapping is a key plot point.
in search of tomorrow
July 1, 2021
There’s an ALIEN series in the works (for real this time) at FX with FARGO showrunner Noah Hawley at the helm. %%title%%
December 11, 2020
FX’s new ALIEN series from Noah Hawley and Ridley Scott will be set on Earth and blend timeless terror with the non-stop action of ALIENS
November 30, 2020
Is Legion and Fargo creator Noah Hawley still working on Disney’s planned TV series reboot of the ALIEN franchise?
October 12, 2020
Legion and Fargo creator Noah Hawley recently revealed details about his failed TV series pitch set in the universe of the Alien films. […]
September 28, 2020
Director Ridley Scott teased earlier this month that a new Alien movie is in the works. And today, Legion and […]
March 14, 2019
The latest movie stuck in limbo as Disney prepares to take ownership of 20th Century Fox’s media library is Doctor […]
September 19, 2014
As we recently learned, Universal is looking to reboot all of its monster properties and tie them together in a […]