Ridley Scott Reveals Length of ‘Alien’ FX Series, Confirms ‘Blade Runner’ Series is Happening

'Alien' Ridley Scott

Recent revelations regarding Noah Hawley’s forthcoming Alien series have given us a clearer picture of the project’s scope and scale. We’ve learned that the FX show will not include Ripley and will be set on Earth, rather than space; that its plot will involve synthetic body-swapping; and that it will likely begin filming in Thailand next spring. Now, according to Ridley Scott, we can expect its run to be relatively short.

In a new interview with BBC (via Variety), Scott said that the Alien FX series will be about eight to 10 hours in length. This suggests that it will debut as a miniseries of sorts, rather than strive to be a potentially multi-season-spanning episodic.

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Scott, who serves as executive producer on the TV redux of Alien, also confirmed that a Blade Runner miniseries is in the works. He says that it’s getting a treatment “similar” to Hawley’s Alien.

“We [have already] written the pilot for Blade Runner and the bible. So, we’re already presenting Blade Runner as a TV show, the first 10 hours,” Scott told BBC.

What Scott refers to as the “bible” for both series is the reference manual that each show will abide by when exploring its characters, settings, and other important artistic elements. At this time, nothing has been uncovered to show us explicitly what’s in both bibles.

However, some characters’ backstories from the Alien series have at least given us some clues. Most recently, a report from AVPGalaxy indicated that two characters—named “Hermit” and “Wendy”—were in the process of being cast earlier his month. According to Hermit and Wendy’s character descriptions, “Wendy is Hermit’s sister, but stuck in another person’s body. Until now, Hermit believed his sister was killed in an experiment, but comes to realize that she is in fact in this soldier’s body.”

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