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Arrow Video
June 18, 2023
From ‘Dolls’ to ‘Robot Jox’, Anthony Arrigo reviews the full, and incredible, ‘Enter The Video Store: Empire of Screams’ from Arrow.
October 12, 2021
‘Dolls’ is a gory, creepy, and downright sad film from Stuart Gordon about the importance of clinging to parts of your childhood.
June 2, 2021
Remco’s Scary Vintage Baby Doll Commercial for Original Baby Laugh-a-Lot Is The Stuff of Nightmares. Check out the Video right over here now.
May 27, 2021
The Scary Hidden Dolls in Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s slasher classic SCREAM You Never Noticed Before – And The Horrors They Hint At
May 1, 2021
Enter the Uncanny Valley with a #MonthOfDread dedicated to dolls, puppets, animatronics, and more!
June 5, 2019
The theme for this Summer is creepy dolls! We’ve got Orion’s Child’s Play remake arriving on June 21st, quickly followed […]
March 19, 2019
Yesterday, the horror world was rocked by the tragic news that FX master John Carl Buechler had passed away after […]
December 12, 2017
Horror fandom isn’t limited to simply watching your favorite films — more than any other genre, we have seen inspired […]
March 29, 2017
From 1983 to 1988, Empire International Pictures brought forth some of the great obscure genre titles that the decade had […]
June 2, 2016
Dolls. They’re just wicked, terrifying looking things. Especially in mass quantities. Them and their cold dead eyes. Recently Mashable put […]
June 5, 2015
A genius artist created a mashup of Mad Max and My Little Pony dolls.
October 29, 2014
Starring Ian Patrick Williams, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Carrie Lorraine, Guy Rolfe Directed by Stuart Gordon Distributed by The Scream Factory Dolls […]