Shocking New Netflix Disaster Thriller is Leaving Viewers “On the edge”

We love a thrilling international adventure as much as the next film addict. This is why we are grateful this new Swedish title has appeared in the Netflix Charts. The Abyss (also known as Avgrunden) quickly carved out a name for itself as it began a steady sprint towards the top spot. It has already claimed the #3 slot worldwide and is also #4 in America. If you are unfamiliar with this exciting new juggernaut, allow me to share my notes. 

In the film,

“As the Swedish town of Kiruna sinks, Frigga finds herself torn between her family and her job as security at the world’s largest underground mine.”

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The Abyss is directed by Richard Holm (Gåsmamman). The film was written by Richard Holm, Robin Sherlock Holm (The Machinery), and Nicola Sinclair. The cast includes Tuva Novotny (Annihilation), Kardo Razzazi (Rheingold), Peter Franzén (Vikings), Felicia Truedsson (Young Royals), and Edvin Ryding (Young Royals).

Netflix subscribers who have discovered this exciting new disaster film are obsessed. Many are surprised by how good the movie is and encourage others to hit play immediately.

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The Abyss is inspired by actual events. There was a massive earthquake in a mine in Kiruna, Sweden in May 2020 caused by excavation. 13 miners were working at the time of the incident, but no one was injured. However, the concern that the town might collapse into a massive crater is very real. An effort to relocate the Kiruna began in 2004 and is estimated to be completed by 2035. – via Netflix

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