Stephen King Is Watching This Unmissable Violent Anthology Series

Constant writer, reader, and binger Stephen King let it slip that he’s a bit behind in this FX chiller. The series that has captivated fans for five seasons still has the horror scribe’s attention too. If you figured King is a fan of Fargo, then you’d be correct. 

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If you are unfamiliar with the fifth season’s premise, no worries. You betcha we’re going to share our notes. It’s the neighborly thing to do, after all. Feast your peepers on the synopsis and trailer below. 

Per this season’s synopsis,

“After an unexpected series of events lands ‘Dorothy ‘Dot’ Lyon’ (Juno Temple) in hot water with the authorities, this seemingly typical Midwestern housewife is suddenly plunged back into a life she thought she had left behind.”

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Fargo was created by Noah Hawley. It is based on the Joel and Ethan Coen cult classic of the same name. This season’s cast included Juno Temple, Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Rysdahl, Joe Keery, Lamorne Morris, Richa Moorjani, Sam Spruell, and Dave Foley.

This season saw Juno Temple (HornsMagic Magic, and Jack & Diane) return to the genre after a brief pause to film three seasons of Ted Lasso.

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This latest installment of Fargo premiered on FX on November 2. You can watch all 10 episodes on Hulu alongside the previous four seasons.

I really enjoyed most of this recent season of Fargo. I’m now waiting for more people to watch the finale that aired last month. I need to see who else is as frustrated as I am with the last episode. Let me know if you’re also finished or if you’re playing catch-up like Stephen King at @misssharai. We have much to discuss!



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