‘Silent Hill’: Brand New Game AND ‘Silent Hill 2’ Remake Trailer Appear Out of Nowhere [Video]

Silent Hill The Short Message

January 31st, PlayStation held one of its big State Of Plays, showing off games coming in 2024. But, games that are a little further out. If you are a fan of Silent Hill, there was also a shorter Silent Hill experience shadowdropped last night called Silent Hill: The Short Message.

The combat trailer for the Silent Hill 2 remake also dropped at the event, and you can check out that footage below.

Needless to say, it is Silent Hill, so trigger warnings for self-harm, depression, and acts of violence.

Silent Hill: The Short Message has a very short and snappy trailer, but it nailed something right off the bat. Silent Hill vibes. Showing off a focus on a first-person perspective, much like the Resident Evil 7 reveal. We see someone running down hallways of chainlink fences, speaking of blossoms while escaping a very interesting-looking monster. It seems to focus in on thoughts of self-harm and bullying. Which is very much in the wheelhouse of past Silent Hills. While it will be a shorter experience, I am excited to see what Konami has in store for us for Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Next was what everyone was waiting for. Silent Hill 2 Remake gameplay. It looks much more in tune with what modern AAA survival horror games are bringing to the table. Think Resident Evil 4 REmake. We got shots of various locations within Silent Hill 2, but a big focus for this combat trailer was the apartments that James traverses through in the early sections of Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill 2 Remake trailer also gave us a glimpse at some of the monsters in combat. Including nurses, mannequins, and a surprise Pyramid Head at the end. It is missing some of that original grime, at the risk of being overly polished. But this remake is still some time off as there was no date given, just a simple In-Development title. It’s making those 2024 rumors less believable. 

While the Silent Hill 2 fans took to the internet shouting their displeasure, I think it looks ok and interesting. Sure, it could use a little more polish but this remake is to make the game enjoyable for a modern audience, and if fans of the original don’t like it, they still have the original to go back to. Even then, while some of Bloober Team’s games don’t necessarily land for me, I am always up for giving teams chances. All in all, it was a fun news day for Silent Hill fans, especially if you own a PlayStation 5. You can try out Silent Hill: The Short Message.



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