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Silent Hill The Short Message
February 1, 2024
The new game ‘Silent Hill: The Short Message’ was released by Konami, along with the ‘Silent Hill 2’ Remake gameplay trailer. Check them out here:
July 12, 2023
We dig through the sands of gaming history to uncover five unjustly forgotten console horror games, such as Hellnight and Geist.
March 2, 2023
Silent Hill 2 Remake is on its way, and today Niel is going to try and be super optimistic about it, instead of being a downer.
January 21, 2023
Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is the largest DLC for Dead Cells to date, with dozens of tracks, new biomes, and iconic weapons from the classic series.
January 11, 2023
Today we take a look at psychological horror and why the game genre doesn’t seem to be making the splash that it made so long ago.
December 30, 2022
Contravania in Ecclesia mingles Contra gunplay with Castlevania’s sprawling, monster-filled halls to tense and thrilling effect.
December 23, 2022
Symphony of the Night carries a comforting familiarity to it after all these years, creating a sense of coming home (to Dracula’s castle).
November 25, 2022
Monster in My Pocket dives deep into folklore, mythology, and film to create a fun action game that really celebrates the creatures that horrify us.
October 19, 2022
Silent Hill 2, a horror classic, will receive remake courtesy of Polish developer Bloober Team. The game is available now for pre-order on PlayStation 5.
August 25, 2022
This week, we take a look at classic samurai slasher Soul of the Samurai to see how it provided samurai scares quite awhile before Onimusha
August 12, 2022
Being chased by wolves and a chainsaw-wielding Frankenstein’s Monster through a confounding garden maze makes for Castlevania 64’s most terrifying moment.
June 8, 2022
It’s time to get your story on! We look at the six greatest tales of terror to have ever graced gamers’ screens.