Forgotten A24 Thriller Finds New Life Climbing HBO Max Streaming Charts

Max it comes at night

While A24 is certainly still going strong, their first few years were something else entirely. Among cinephiles, though especially among genre fans, each new release was anticipated with the kind of fervor the moviegoing scene hadn’t seen in some time.

Here was a production company and distributor letting their creators get as weird as they wanted, paying no regard to Cinemascores, box office pull, or the like. Around 2017, they hadn’t yet firmly developed the reputation they have now, at least among general audiences. We’ve all heard the refrain, “Oh, that looks scary! Oh… it’s from A24.”

Nothing conceptualizes that misguided perception better than It Comes at Night, now streaming on Max.

Check out a trailer and synopsis below:

Per Max: Paranoia and mistrust boil over when two families hole up together in a desolate home while a mysterious contagion ravages the world.

The It Comes at Night ire principally centers around what, exactly, comes at night. In fairness, the marketing considerably builds up the idea that something monstrous is hiding out there in the dark. Though for anyone who has seen the movie, you know it’s much more nuanced than simply a big ol’ creature.

I loved it, for the record, and I count director Trey Edward Shults among the most exciting new voices in cinema today. Not everyone feels the same way, so here’s hoping It Comes at Night can find a second life on Max.

Check out what some fans have said about it below:

As expected, fan reception is all over the place. Some can appreciate the slow burn, others, well… they want to punch the movie in the face? Don’t do that. It Comes at Night doesn’t deserve it.

What do you think? Are you a fan of It Comes at Night? What other horror movies are worth checking out on Max? Let me know over on Twitter @Chadiscollins.



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