The #1 Horror Movie On Netflix Globally Is From A Forgotten Fan Favorite Franchise: “This movie is underrated”

leatherfface 2017 568x320 - The #1 Horror Movie On Netflix Globally Is From A Forgotten Fan Favorite Franchise: "This movie is underrated"

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo are no strangers to brutality. Their debut, Inside, remains one of the scariest (and goriest) movies ever made. In the years since, they’ve graced audiences with their macabre, often absurd vision rural horror. Kandisha, Livide, and even Among the Living remain cult favorites in their own right, and their most mainstream offering, 2017’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel Leatherface, is no different. Presently, Leatherface is the top-charting horror movie on Netflix globally, and in the states, you can stream it on Max.

Leatherface isn’t the first The Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel (I’m looking at you, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Beginning), though it is arguably the best. Following the early years of one Jedidiah Sawyer (Sam Strike, an obvious reveal the movie treats as a twist), Leatherface is a cross-country road trip dripping with savagery, violence, and rural Sawyer mythos.

The cast, including Stephen Dorff and Lili Taylor pull their weight, and Maury and Bustillo lend their French extremist sensibilities to the sweltering Texas landscapes. It’s the most brazen the series has been in years, matching the likes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation in terms of sheer excess. Check out what fans have to say of Leatherface on international Netflix below:

Our review of Leatherface noted, “While the account is not terribly original, Bustillo and Maury bring a joie de mort giddiness to Leatherface. It’s great to see their French New Wave/splatterpunk sensibilities come alive once again, and I hope to see an original – not an origin – story from them next.” I agree. While it’s an odd origin story, there’s enough style here to solidify it as one of the stronger franchise entries.

What do you think? Have you had a chance to catch Leatherface on Netflix yet (if you’re outside of the USA)? How does it rank in the franchise for you? Let me know over on Twitter @ChadisCollins.



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