‘Salem’s Lot’ Actor Comments On Remake’s Faithfulness To Stephen King’s Book

salem's lot

Actor Lewis Pullman, son of Bill Pullman, has been a genre heavyweight for quite some time.

His role in Bad Times at the El Royale is a standout among an inimitably qualified cast. Whenever The Strangers: Prey at Night appears to stumble, Pullman is there to pick it back up with a Bonnie Tyler scored attack scene. Now, in an interview with ComicBook.com, Pullman has added some new insights to the forthcoming Salem’s Lot adaptation he stars in.

While Pullman remarks it can be “scary” to work on remakes, he additionally noted that Gary Dauberman’s (Annabelle Comes Home) forthcoming Stephen King adaptation is incredibly faithful to the source material, saying of Dauberman, “He’s a Stephen King hound dog.”

Additionally, speaking of the film’s scares, Pullman remarked how they’re poised to be “more visual, like an imprint that burnt into your retinas as a disturbing image that you’ll wake up in the middle of the night that you can’t shake out of your head.”

It all sounds pretty exciting, especially given how King remains an indomitable force in horror. His Mr. Harrigan’s Phone was the most viewed Netflix movie upon release, and Tobe Hooper’s original Salem’s Lot miniseries remains one of the scariest made-for-television movies ever made. While Warner Bros. has pulled Salem’s Lot from the release schedule, there’s no denying it remains one of the most anticipated horror titles to come.

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