Viral TikTok Has Young Siblings Dressing as Halloween Icons


We’ve argued before over here at Dread Central that John Carpenter’s seminal Halloween is, ultimately, a slice of gateway horror. Despite the R-rating and a bit of nudity here and there, it’s tame enough for most youngins, acting as the perfect opportunity to incite a child’s horror education early. Tik Tok user Kayla Lopez feels the same way.

Her videos have recently gone viral on the app, most of which include her two children, 6-year-old Dominic and 8-year-old Aubriella, donning a number of horror movie masks and running about. One especially famous video from Halloween of last year has both Dominic and Aubriella donning different Michael Myers masks while rocking each other in a baby swing. They’re remarkably cute. Kids are often considerably more attached to distinct iconography as they feel out their place in the world, and what better way to do so than with a Michael Myers mask? Given, of course, that the mask doesn’t operate as it did in David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends.

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In an interview with ABC 11, Kayla remarked, “I don’t really know of anybody that likes horror as much as them, honestly.” The juxtaposition is about as cute as cute gets. Little people with masks too big. It’s remarkable to see a new generation of young horror fans, and it rarely gets more adorable. All things considered, Kayla Lopez likely has two lifelong horror fans in the family now. Here’s hoping this can become a tradition that endures every Halloween to come. Horror teaches resilience and bravery, and it’s thrilling to see a new crop of fans born.

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