New TERRIFIER 2 Rough-Cut is Over 2 Hours Long!

Terrifier writer/director Damien Leone took to Facebook today to give an extensive update on the status of Terrifier 2!

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The most astonishing revelation is that a new rough cut of the film clocks in at 2 hours and 21 minutes long “And it looks fucking amazing!” I guess Leone wasn’t kidding when he previously stated that Terrifier 2 would be the “Apocalypse Now of indie horror films”!

Read more of Leone’s update below the trailer and synopsis!

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

Terrifier 2 is written and directed by Damien Leone; the film stars Felissa Rose, David Howard Thornton, Casey Hartnett, and Lauren LaVera.

Leone states: “So what now? It’s time to head on into the polishing phase of post-production. We will begin tackling the sound design, score, color correction, and some minor VFX. (Don’t worry! The gore is all practical!)”

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He continues: “We are also going to keep trimming the fat and refining the film itself. Keep in mind rough cuts are initially quite long but I can guarantee you the final run time of Terrifier 2 will remain slightly over 2 hours long. It’s epic! Once the film is in a more presentable stage, we will tackle distribution. We’re still aiming for a Halloween release but again, it all comes down to a distribution deal. Just know we’re working our asses off day and night and want it out to you guys as soon as possible. In the meantime just take a look at that poster and dream!”

We’ll keep you posted on all Terrifier-related news as details are announced. Stay tuned and check back often!

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