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Chrome Skull in Laid to Rest slashers
June 29, 2023

Horror is cyclical. There have been plenty of lean years and boom-or-bust periods for the genre. When audiences begin to

Hellraiser Jamie Clayton Pinhead
December 16, 2022

The old guard held strong this year and some new blood entered the mix, as well.

horror tattoos
October 24, 2022

Get some ink this Halloween and show your passion for the horror genre!

Terrifier 2
October 5, 2022

Leone chats the history of Art the Clown, serial killers, and more.

December 9, 2021

Art the Clown has met his match on this gorgeous promo art for 'Terrifier 2'.

Terrifier Cake Banner 336x189 - Black Magic Cakery Bakes Up TERRIFIER Cake to Die For!
June 5, 2021

Fans of TERRIFIER (and cake) will love the latest creation by Black Magic Cakery! Check it out now!

Art the clown banner 336x189 - New TERRIFIER 2 Rough-Cut is Over 2 Hours Long!
May 18, 2021

The latest rough-cut of TERRIFIER 2 clocks in at over two hours and 20 minutes + additional updates!

First Look Lauren LaVera TERRIFIER 2 edited 336x176 - Art the Clown Terrifies in New TERRIFIER 2 Image
May 4, 2021

Art the Clown returns in Damien Leone's TERRIFIER 2 with Felissa Rose, David Howard Thornton, Casey Hartnett, and Lauren LaVera.

Art the Clown Action Figure Banner 336x189 - Here's a Sneak Peek at Trick or Treat Studios' New Art the Clown Figure
March 30, 2021

We're getting a sneak peek at Trick Or Treat Studios' upcoming Art the Clown action figure!

Art the clown banner 336x189 - TERRIFIER 2 Will Clock In At 2 Gruesome Hours
March 20, 2021

According to writer/director @damienleone, @2Terrifier will clock in right around the 2-hour mark!

162006963 10159421610078854 786534818234984389 o 336x224 - Art the Clown Cuts A Grin in New Photos by Jeff Harris
March 17, 2021

New York/Brooklyn-based artist Jeff Harris works as a commercial photographer when he is not shooting homicidal maniacs like Art the

Art the Clown 336x189 - David Howard Thornton Talks "More Sadistic" Art the Clown in TERRIFIER 2 + Trilogy Plans
January 19, 2021

We still don’t have a release date for Terrifier 2, but franchise star David Howard Thornton (the actor who plays