Skeletons Unearthed from Beneath a Home in the UK

JoBeth Williams and a real human skeleton in POLTERGEIST

You may recognize this macabre skeletons scenario from Poltergeist… but according to official reports, this bizarre discovery is the real deal.

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According to the Wiltshire Times, construction contractor Robbie Kearney was digging a drainage hole for a patio in the village of Heytesbury when his shovel uncovered piles of bones.

He first assumed the bones to be part of an animal carcass. But after digging down a bit deeper, he was shocked to discover a human skull.

Halting their work, Kearney and fellow contractor Paul Tapper informed the homeowners. And soon the entire community was buzzing about the freaky find.

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Bones 02a 1024x576 - Skeletons Unearthed from Beneath a Home in the UK
Image: Trevor Porter

The following day, forensic experts and an archaeologist identified five human skeletons. Three adults and two children, both male and female. While they have yet to determine the exact age of the remains (carbon dating could take weeks), they estimate the bones date back to the 5th century.

The paper goes on to interview Wiltshire Council Director Sam Fox, whose team suggests the bodies are part of a mass grave on or near the site of a Medieval Saxon church – not an uncommon practice during that period.

According to historian Joe Charlesworth, the graves “are likely to be from a plague pit.” He also suggested there may be many more remains like these in the area.

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Well, that’s just wonderful… a house built on top of an ancient mass grave? Plague victims, no less? This is how you get haunted, folks.



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