Nico Claux, born in 1972, is known as “The Vampire of Paris”. Following his arrest on suspicion of murder, French authorities were shocked to discover human remains and bags of blood in Claux’s apartment. In addition to confessing to the murder of Thierry Bissonnier, worshiping Satan, and robbing graves, Claux admitted to drinking blood and eating strips of human flesh that he procured from his job as a mortuary assistant.

“Following my arrest I was taken back to the Parisian Crime Department for questioning,” Claux recalls. “With little hesitation on my part, I informed them that I had been robbing the graves of several Parisian gothic graveyards and mutilating the mummified remains. When asked the reason why I was storing stolen blood bags inside my refrigerator, I simply answered that I drank the blood on a regular basis. Working as a mortuary assistant for 10 months, I had been using my position as a means to fulfill a lifelong fantasy of mine revolving around cannibalism. When left alone to stitch the bodies after the autopsies, I would cut strips of meat from the ribs and eat them. On some occasions, I would bring pieces of flesh back to my place, where I would cook and eat those pieces as well.” (Source)

After serving a 12 year prison sentence for his crimes, Claux was released in 1997.

So what does a (former?) cannibal do when returned to society? For years, Claux spent his time creating serial killer-inspired artwork. Earlier this year, however, he did something new–he released a cookbook. What kind of cookbook, you ask? Well, it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking–but even worse!

The Cannibal Cookbook: Human Meat Recipes from Around the World can be ordered now through Amazon France.

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Looking for a book to show to your friends when they are home for dinner? The Cannibal Cookbook is exactly what its title proclaims. Written by former French cannibal murderer Nico Claux, this book explores one of the most taboo forms of cuisine. It is a world tour of gastronomical human meat recipes tried and tested by real-life human flesh-eaters, like Jeffrey Dahmer or Albert Fish. This cookbook will help you choose the right spices for your own cannibal feast. Precious advice is given on how to get ahold of that very special meat, and how to cut it like a pro. This book is the perfect gift for those who both love fine food and the macabre.

At the time of the posting, there aren’t any reviews for The Cannibal Cookbook, so no telling if readers are satisfied by the tome’s contents!

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