POST MORTEM’s Mick Garris and Joe Russo Discuss Their Favorite Episodes

Last week, we were beyond thrilled to announce that Post Mortem with Mick Garris, the #1 horror podcast in the world, had officially joined the DREAD Podcast Network! Beginning this Wednesday, April 28th, Post Mortem will join our enviable stable of shows that already includes The Boulet Brothers: Creatures of the Night, Kim and Ket Stay Alive…Maybe (plus their original podcast/gameshow hybrid Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar), FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast, and Development Hell among others.

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Garris is a legend from horror’s heydays. He directed films like SleepwalkersCritters 2The Stand miniseries (1994), and also many others. Through Post Mortem and other endeavors, he’s remained an important and relevant force in 21st Century horror.

Dread Central fans can look forward to breaking news and insights in upcoming episodes of Post Mortem with Mick GarrisPost Mortem fans will appreciate Dread Central’s commitment to the podcast. Plus our efforts to bring Garris’s program to an even wider audience of horror fans.

If you’re not already familiar with Post Mortem (or horror podcasting in general) it can be difficult to know where to begin–especially since this Wednesday’s episode featuring Clive Barker will be Mick’s 100th! That’s why I sat down with the host and his intrepid producer, Joe Russo, in order to identify their favorite episodes! Consider it a crash course for Post Mortem; a great way to get to know what the show is all about!

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 If you’re already a fan of Post Moretm with Mick Garris, let us know if your favorite episodes made the list, and be sure to recommend others worth checking out in the Comments section. You can find all episodes of Post Mortem with Mick Garris, HERE.

Mick’s Favorite Episodes of Post Mortem with Mick Garris:

Mick Garris

There’s no way I could choose five favorite or most special episodes of our Post Mortem podcast. I truly learn something from every single one, and, like the movies one makes, it’s really like choosing which of your children you give up for a blood sacrifice. So don’t think of these as my picks for the five best shows, just five of them that stand out in my mind for very special reasons.

Stephen King
Well, this one is a no-brainer. Stephen King is someone I’ve wanted on the show from the very beginning, and it took time to get him. He’d never done a podcast before, and our virtual reunion meant a lot to me. Steve is a guy who opens up in surprising ways and did not censor himself in any way. We were able to speak of some of the joys of our work together but went way beyond that. And will anyone forget his immortal quote, spoken on the show: “Fuck Stanley Kubrick”?

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Whoopi Goldberg
Not moving too far afield, Whoopi Goldberg was a very unlikely guest for our show. We do have actors on occasion, but we normally host actors I’ve worked with. But Whoopi, to those who don’t know, is a die-hard horror fan. And way back when we were casting for the original The Stand, she was close to being cast as Mother Abigail. Speaking about that, and about how both of our careers in film and television were launched by Steven Spielberg, was revelatory.

Patton Oswalt
Talk about unlikely: who would expect Patton Oswalt to join in the horror conversation? But again, Patton is a huge genre fan, and it often shows up in his standup. But we were able to dig deep into his personal passions and tragedies, and his openness and honesty were remarkable, especially considering the Zoom platform between us.

Peter Medak
Even if you haven’t heard of Peter Medak, even if you’ve never seen any of his movies (and if you haven’t—especially The Changeling—then why not?) you will be blown away by his experiences in the film industry. Pals with The Beatles during the sixties in swinging London, his stories put him at the eye of the cinematic hurricane you can’t begin to guess.

Clive Barker (Releasing Wednesday, April 28th)
And then, there’s Clive Barker. Again new to podcast guesting, Clive’s honesty and giant heart (cruel though it may be in his stories and films) were on display in a big way. Clobbered by serious health issues, we find him back like the phoenix from the fire with new projects and enthusiasm that is highly contagious… including a new television project we are creating together.

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So… five conversations out of a hundred, any one of which could be compiled on a best-of list. The choices were tough, and tomorrow I would come up with another five. But let’s save that for another day.

Joe’s Favorite Episodes of Post Mortem with Mick Garris:

Joe Russo

Mick’s right; what sadist would make us pick just five Post Mortem episodes when we’ve had so many incredible guests!? But, gun-to-head, here’s five you just can’t miss.

Mike Flanagan
Mike Flanagan and Mick Garris talking The Shining. It might actually be my favorite episode we’ve ever done – and it perfectly encapsulates WHY Post Mortem is such a special podcast. Where else can you hear the only living filmmakers who have had to follow in Stanley Kubrick’s footsteps talk about the challenges of making The Shining mini-series and Doctor Sleep? Mick and Mike’s conversations about King are always so inspired – it’s no wonder Flanagan has been on the show FOUR times so far!

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Guillermo del Toro
We’ve only had a couple of Oscar winners on the podcast, but there’s only one Guillermo del Toro, and his conversation with Mick is just as wonderful as you’d imagine it would be. Having just been through the wringer with some stressful producers myself, when Guillermo talks wielding “The Bastard Sword” in defense of your movie, it spoke to my soul.

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Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah
In college, Return of the King was a pivotal film for me in terms of making me want to pursue making movies for a living, that’s why it was such a thrill to meet Elijah Wood and his Spectrevision producing partner, Daniel Noah. There isn’t a horror fan out there that doesn’t appreciate what that dynamic duo is doing with their big-swing genre movies like Mandy and Daniel Isn’t Real, and hearing their passion and philosophy behind their storytelling choices is fascinating.

Don Mancini
As my next pick, Don Mancini, knows by now, I’m a BIG Chucky guy, so hearing the roots of the franchise was a real treat. But what might be most important was giving Don a platform to talk about his feelings regarding the Child’s Play remake and learning how it impacted him personally and as a creative. I think it’s something every genre fan needs to hear, and Don’s passion will get them even more excited about his upcoming sequel series!

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Ari Aster
Having had so many legends of the genre on Post Mortem, it’s exciting when I see one of my friends make something so special it lands them on the podcast – and that’s how it felt when we caught up with Ari Aster right before Hereditary came out. Since there was never a commentary done for the movie, some genre press (*cough* Bloody Disgusting *cough*) said this interview was the next best thing.

Post Mortem with Mick Garris

Whether you’ve been a fan of Post Mortem with Mick Garris for years or only heard about the podcast recently, it’s a treasure trove for any serious horror fan. In addition to these and many other episodes currently available, we can’t wait to find out who’s up next as the series continues as part of the DREAD Podcast Network!

Are you a fan of Post Mortem with Mick Garris? What are some of your favorite episodes? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.



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