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April 26, 2024
I went to see ‘Hereditary’ in IMAX. The experience rendered one of the scariest movies ever made even scarier.
Beau Is Afraid
April 26, 2023
Drew Tinnin dives into Ari Aster’s chaotically neurotic new film ‘Beau Is Afraid’ and explains why it’s the director’s most disturbing work.
Beau Is Afraid
April 24, 2023
Ari Aster shares how his original short film shaped ‘Beau Is Afraid’, Joaquin Phoenix shares the music he blasted on set, and more.
Beau Is Afraid
April 10, 2023
‘Beau Is Afraid’ is Ari Aster at his most free and his most unhinged. Read the full review now on Dread Central.
July 22, 2021
Stephen McKinley Henderson & Zoe Lister-Jones also subscribe to Ari Aster’s DISAPPOINTMENT BLVD, his follow-up to MIDSOMMAR!
July 16, 2021
%%title%% . 21st Century Master of Horror Ari Aster is producing a new horror film by writer Michael R. Jackson for A24! Who’s excited?
June 22, 2021
%%title%% Nathan Lane along with 3 others are joining the cast of Ari Aster’s new film Disappointment Blvd
April 26, 2021
Mick Garris and Joe Russo discuss their most memorable episodes of POST MORTEM including appearances from Stephen King, Guillermo del Toro, Don Mancini, and more!
April 17, 2021
Hereditary and Midsommar director Ari Aster’s new A24 project, DISSAPOINTMENT BLVD with Joaquin Phoenix starts filming on June 28th.
March 11, 2021
Florence Pugh shares her thoughts on the making of one of the most disturbing scenes in director Ari Aster’s folk horror flick Midsommar.
February 18, 2021
Ari Aster is teaming up with A24 again for his next project. Disappointment Blvd. will star Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix!
stage Toni Collette
July 28, 2020
Today, A24 has released its newest screenplay book, celebrating Hereditary, the debut feature film by Midsommar writer-director Ari Aster, available to purchase exclusively at  […]